Customer service and telemarketing are two important aspects of a business that require direct interaction between a company’s personnel and its customers. The tasks and goals of a company’s customer service and telemarketing departments are performed and accomplished by customer service representatives (AKA call center agents) and telemarketers.

At certain points, the jobs of customer service representatives (CSRs) and telemarketers may intertwine. However, their actual job descriptions differ in a number of ways. In this post, your trusted outsourcing company in the Philippines, MCVO Talent Resources, sheds light on the difference between the two jobs. This way, you’d know who to hire or which related Philippines outsourcing services to enlist for your business.

What Do Customer Service Representatives or Call Center Agents Do?

It’s not possible to compare customer service representatives with call center agents as they are practically the same. Call center agents handle incoming calls from customers who may have concerns and inquiries about a product or service offered by the company. 

The primary purpose of customer service representatives is embodied in their job title itself. They act as the representative of the company and they need to ensure that customers are provided with the services and assistance they need. Ultimately, their position’s goal is to achieve customer satisfaction, which is done by offering knowledgeable and accurate assistance in relation to the customer’s concerns.

Furthermore, CSRs may also perform outbound calls to check on customers and follow-up on concerns they may have raised previously. Making follow-up calls has been known to help increase customer satisfaction as clients feel better-taken care of.

In case you’re wondering, customer service representatives are also called call center agents because of the simple fact that they work off of a contact center. This call or contact center may be based in the company’s office itself. However, for those who employ the services of outsourcing companies in the Philippines such as MCVO Talent Resources, the contact center is often offshore.

What Do Telemarketers Do?

Telemarketers are company personnel who perform telemarketing, which is the process of reaching out to existing and potential customers to generate leads, offer products and services, make a sale, or simply gather information for market research. As one would imagine, telemarketers generally initiate contact, so they mostly do outbound calling. However, telemarketers also handle inbound calls from customers who may have questions and concerns about the products and services that they are marketing.

The Similarities and Differences Between CSR and Telemarketing

Both CSRs and telemarketers communicate with customers through phone calls. Furthermore, even if telemarketers are trained to market and ultimately, sell products and services, they should also have good communication skills that are comparable to that of CSRs. Meanwhile, CSRs may be trained to do some telemarketing as well, especially when the company has new products and services that customers calling the hotline may find interesting.

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