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What we offer

You can trust an experienced offshore HR Generalist to manage payroll, benefits, and attendance reporting. This will free up your in-house team to focus on more strategic HR initiatives.

Outsourcing talent acquisition to professionals in the Philippines is a proven and efficient way to find and hire the talents your company needs. The outsource HR personnel can screen, interview, and facilitate hiring requirements as they are trained and experienced in the technical aspect of HR and recruitment. This saves you both time and cost.

Hiring an offshore HR Generalist or Assistant can be a huge help for an HR Manager or HR Director.  Some key areas they can assist are: recruiting & hiring, benefits coordination, performance evaluations, professional development, compliance etc.

Keeping employees motivated and ensuring they are developing is vital to employee retention and your company’s growth. This is especially important if you have remote and/or offshore employees. We can provide HR professionals to ensure you have a great return on your investment in human capital.

Outsourcing HR with us means you have the option to hire part-time or full-time HR staff. Our solutions are scalable and flexible — you can hire part-time now and shift to full-time service in the future as needed.

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services is an experienced outsourcing firm that has a core competency in helping companies transition to an offshore Human Resources function. We provide efficient support staff that understands the importance of confidentiality. Our ultimate goal is to make your transition to outsourced HR as seamless as possible.

We are unlike other human resources outsourcing companies that are essentially “order takers”. Founded by two experienced US entrepreneurs who themselves started outsourcing to the Philippines in 2011 as a way to reduce their own business costs, our company is built around a genuine willingness to share the outsourcing benefits our founders have experienced first-hand. 

Our team is based in the Philippines, and you are assured of hiring college-educated HR professionals who speak and write good English. With the guidance of US-based executives, our human resource and recruitment specialists are knowledgeable in western HR practices. 

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Why Outsource HR to the Philippines

There are SO many creative Graphic Designers in the Philippines ready to help with Full Time or Part Time work.

Reduced Cost

Outsourcing HR tasks can save you thousands of dollars compared to hiring a full-time HR employee locally.

Increased Efficiency

Hiring dedicated offshore staff allows you to focus on the higher-level HR functions

Access to Expertise

Our CEO is a 25+ year HR Consultant who understands every facet of HR

Find Qualified and Competitive Candidates With the Help of Our Human Resource Specialists

Most small to medium businesses are composed of small teams. However, as you grow, you will eventually find the need to hire more people to make sure that all tasks are attended to and your growing business needs are handled well. Recruitment and human resources are vital aspects of any organization. But you don’t always have to hire in-house HR personnel.

HR outsourcing can help you achieve your recruitment and employee management goals at a fraction of the cost. By leveraging the experience and expertise of HR staffing specialists from MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services, you can get started with recruiting, screening, and onboarding qualified candidates immediately. Aside from recruitment, our outsource HR pros can also help you with the following:

  • Talent pooling
  • HR documentation
  • Compensation negotiations
  • Onboarding and offboarding management
  • HR operation optimization
  • Attendance and leaves management
  • Payroll and benefits coordination
  • Employee management activities
  • Labor requirements compliance, and more

As your source for topnotch offshore talents, MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services can also help you with bookkeeping and accounting to go with your custom outsourced HR package. We also offer virtual assistancedata entry, and customer service, among other back-end processes that you may need for your business.

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