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Cost-Efficient Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

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Reliable Bookkeeping/Accounting, Marketing, and Administrative Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

From outsource IT services, such as software development and web design, to professional services including bookkeeping, accounting, and HR, MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services has got your needs covered! Our company specializes in helping small and medium businesses hire full-time, part-time, or project-based outsourced staff to handle different business process tasks. We give you access to experienced and trained specialists in the Philippines for the following areas:


Our outsourced bookkeeping services help companies lower their office labor costs by providing experienced staff to handle Bookkeeping, A/P, A/R, and other Accounting functions starting at just $12.52/hr.

Customer Service

Our outsourced customer support integrates with your current staff and can provide help desk support, telemarketing, chat, and email support starting at just $10/hr.

Data Entry

Our data entry specialists have a wealth of experience in different sectors and start at just $9/hr. One key advantage of working with MCVO Talent is that we’ll always train a back-up for you.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing outsourcing services are ideal for small to mid-sized companies looking to increase their digital footprint. We can help with google ads, Facebook ads, SEO, Content Writing, Website Design, and more.

Graphic Design

We have a team of experienced offshore graphic designers, that can help with any digital or print media starting at just $9/hr.

Human Resource

Let us provide the back-office HR support you need including Payroll & Benefits, HR Generalist, Talent Acquisition and Employee relations starting at just $10/hr.

Video Editing

Our video editing outsourcing services helps professionals with weddings, social and corporate events and “one-off” films starting at just $10/hr.

Virtual Assistant

Join a long list of successful executives who have reaped the benefits of hiring outstanding offshore Virtual Assistants. Pricing starts at just $11/hr.

Software Development

We can provide Software Developers in the most popular programing languages at Junior, Mid and Senior Levels. Pricing starts at just $14/hr.

Photo Editing

Our photo editing outsourcing services offer professional editing, culling, retouching, and enhancement starting at just $10.00/hr.

Web Design

We specialize in creating new websites and refreshing existing sites. Our offshore web designers work on the most current web platforms with pricing starting at just $12/r.

QA Testing

Our quality assurance outsourcing services help companies perform this function in a cost-friendly manner starting at just $9/hr.

Full-Time & Part-Time Positions

Cost-Efficient Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

With a full-service outsource staff in the Philippines and a sales office in Chicago, USA, MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services offers a wide range of solutions that help small to medium businesses get more tasks done while they continue to grow their enterprise. Our goal is to help companies in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and other countries that are looking to outsource back-end processes and related operational tasks to reliable technical staff while saving on costs.

As a BPO company, we aim to connect business owners with the right technical professionals. We do this by carefully screening our pool of talents and handpicking the best among them. This way, we are able to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and the professional growth of our staff. 

Furthermore, to make sure that our services perfectly suit the needs of our customers, we provide full-time and part-time positions. Our services can be customized and scaled depending on your present needs. Because of this, you will only pay for the specific service or assistance you require.


Our Clients Reviews

They worked with us. You can, too.

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services is a great asset of our company and a pleasure to work with!

    BPO Services, Services
    Steven Gasapo


    We have been super impressed with both the quality of the work produced and the overall service experience.

      BPO Services, Services
      Tim Whaley

      TWA Photographic Artsts

      We’ve used them for customer service and marketing and we were satisfied with both contractors. I highly recommend.

        BPO Services, Services
        Jim Fritz

        Kennedy Blue

        I manage an outsourced team of 8 and love turning on my computer in the morning and seeing so much work already completed!

          BPO Services, Services
          Tori Hionis


          Why Outsource?

          Here Are 6 Reasons to Outsource

          The Benefits of Outsourcing Services and More

          Your company needs to reduce office labor cost

          Fortune 500 companies have been realizing huge savings for 10+ years by working with BPO’s in the Philippines, and now small businesses can too. With payroll being the #1 expense for most companies, most outsourced jobs will save 20-40K annually!

          Creating a remote 2nd shift makes good business sense

          There’s more pressure than ever to deliver faster and having a 2nd shift to help process orders and enter data can help reduce your turnaround time dramatically. For departments with multiple employees (like Accounting and Marketing), having off-shore talent working after hours means that when you start your day, much of the daily work has already been completed by your remote team!

          The cost of doing business keeps rising

          Fueled by the rising cost of health insurance, cyber security, taxes and retaining talent, most US companies are facing an annual increase in expenses of 3-6%. Since it’s hard to pass these increases onto your clients, to maintain profit margins smart companies are offshoring and outsourcing jobs and projects to BPO companies in the Philippines.

          Your website needs a refresh

          Websites are not only the “front door” but the “first impression” for many of your future and current clients. It must show current offerings, be mobile friendly and….look like it was updated recently. We have a team of in-house website designers who can help. Most projects average just $2,500 in cost.

          You need customer support beyond 9:00 to 5:00

          If prospects and clients are making decisions about your products and services beyond “9:00 to 5:00”, having a remote after-hours team to answer their questions is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. MCVO can provide customer facing talent “around the clock”, to answer questions that help increase sales.

          You’d rather hire contract workers than employees

          With MCVO, you simply send us the Job Description and we handle the recruiting and HR related tasks to provide the talent that you need.

          Get Outsourcing Services From the
          Best Remote Team in the Philippines

          When you decide to outsource to the Philippines, you want to work with the best. MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services is the name you can trust, as evidenced by our clients’ feedback. Want to get started with your own outsourcing journey? It begins with bookinga call with us. By discussing your needs, we will be able to recommend the best solutions for you and plan ahead better. We look forward to be of assistance to you!