How MCVO Talent Resource Services Changed the Culture of a Typical BPO

BPO, How MCVO Talent Resource Services Changed the Culture of a Typical BPO

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”10135″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]What do you know about BPO? This is a common question being asked during your interview. And most often than not, you have prepared your speech based on how you perceived the industry or based on what others say about it.


Answers may vary from the most interesting story up to the most irrelevant point of view of people. But one thing is definite, that the BPO Industry is serving hundreds of families if not millions, and serves as a strong pillar in boosting economic growth in our country.


It serves a dynamic array of services from customer service, IT, Financial, Travel, and Leisure, even digital services now provide offshore delivery.


So what do we know about BPO? High pay grade, 24/7 shifting schedule, HMO coverage, premium night differential. But these are basic expectations. What else is there?


When I started working at MCVO, my perception is, it will be the same as what I have experienced regarding BPOs for the last 15 years. But I am telling you right now, my expectation has been changed… in a very positive way.


At MCVO, when you say that we practice open-door communication, we truly mean it! And this extends up to the CEO level. Yes, you heard me right, you can talk to the big boss about anything that concerns you.


Since most BPO companies work at night, free coffee is part of the perks. But what makes an interesting coffee break without any snack. You heard me right, again. One way of taking care of our employees is to ensure that they are well fed. Serving free coffee and snacks 24/7 is just one way of appreciating our people.


Now let’s talk about personal growth. I am pretty sure that you are being evaluated by your supervisor based on how you perform. But here at MCVO, not only will you be monitored, but you will also get the chance to measure your performance, identify your true value, and what you want to learn outside of your current role. This will gauge how far you have improved and where you currently are in reaching your goals.


And lastly, every company has its mission, vision, and a set of core values. You will see this on the office walls. However, is it being practiced? Because at MCVO, not only we are guided by our core values, but we also embody the culture of Modesty, Customer first, Virtue, and Ownership. This is our mantra in everything that we do. We humble ourselves in every success that we achieve, making our customers our top priority. Being true to our words and actions. And has a genuine concern for the future of the company.


Basic expectations of working in the BPO industry have evolved in such a way that people will always look for more than what they can offer. But it has always been a challenge to find a perfect company in this ever-changing industry. Most of the time, the measurement of how satisfied the employees are is based on how much they can offer. True enough it is important, but enriching your true potential, supporting your growth, and creating a culture of trust and camaraderie is rare to find.


I am a very lucky person to be part of this company. I never thought one can exist. An organization that fosters a culture that is built on a solid foundation of personal and business ethics. I am proud to be part of BPO, I am proud to be part of MCVO.


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