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What we offer

If you have enough work for a full-time editor (typically 100+ events per year), it makes sense to hire a dedicated team member. With pricing starting at just $10.00/hour, you’ll get an incredible talent, that you can train your way. They can also help with retouching and album design.

Our founders also own www.zookbinders.com one of the leading album companies for Pro Photographers, so we are very familiar with how to support Pros.   We can find a dedicated full-time editor for you (40 hours/week) that can help with all of your Post Production needs so you can stay focused on shooting and selling. Click here for pricing and other info.

We help high-volume photography companies specializing in destinations, cruise lines, resorts, and babies, build their own team of photo editors in the Philippines.

We help Real Estate Photographers and online merchandisers who need dedicated, full-time photo editors with flexible shifts.

What we offer: Full Time (40 hours/week) dedicated Photo Editors.

Our first (and largest) client is a high-end US based Wedding Album Manufacturing company, so we understand Professional Photographers.  We are confident that we can match your style, unburden you from tedious Post Production work, and deliver a strong return on investment.

Why Outsource Photo Editing Services to MCVO?

MCVO offers many advantages to its global clients including attention to detail, commitment to superior quality, affordable costs and much more. We strive for excellence in every project undertaken.


Most of our editors are working Professional Photographers and know what great editing should look like


We can provide full time editors for Weddings, Events, Portrait and Real Estate Photography


Our founders also own a wedding album company in Chicago (www.zookbinders.com), and have been working with Pro Photographers for 30 years!

Outsource Your Photo Editing Needs

At MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services, we provide photo editing for individuals and organizations that match their specifications within fast turnaround time. No matter, if it’s a marketing campaign, a first look session, or a photo shoot, our photo editing services, could bring out the best color tones, edit out any flaws, and create enhancements while keeping the natural mood and form of the raw images. 

Our photo editing services include photo color correction and photo retouchings solutions like red-eye removal, level corrections, white balance, brightness and contrast, shadows, and highlights to accomplish terrific post-processing outcomes. 

Why outsource your photo editing services to MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services?

  • We have a global clientele
  • Committed support and service
  • Assured quality
  • A dedicated team of photo editors 
  • We use the latest methods, tools, and best practices 
  • Team of photo editing professionals 

Why don’t you outsource your photo editing to MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services today and bring your business to the next level! 

For more details about the services we offer, feel free to call us today at 847-452-6550 (US) or book a call to get started!

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Small and Medium-sized businesses, CPA, Bookkeeping, and Financial Advisory Firms

“Our Editor has been doing an amazing job. She is a fast learner, great team player, and intuitive. I’m so happy she is part of the TWA team, as she been such a treasure to the company”
Jess C
Timothy Whaley & Associates