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What we offer

 Let us create cinematic highlight films that are packed with emotion, and that will be cherished by brides and grooms forever.  The most popular films are 5 minutes, 7-8 minutes and 10 minutes, however we can produce a highlight video of any length and style.  We can either match your current style or produce films with our fresh and modern style.    We have standard pricing for “our style”, and can quote if your style or requirements are different.

We create films of the Ceremony, Speeches, Reception, or the entire wedding. Pricing depends on length and special effects (if any) requested.

 If you have enough work (typically 100 events per year), for a full-time editor, it makes sense to hire a dedicated team member.   With pricing starting at just $10/hour, you’ll get an incredible talent, and at a price that allows you to increase your profit margin.

We can edit corporate events, educational and promotional videos that will present your organization in a favorable light.

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services’ video editing outsource services offer professionals more than just post-production support. We are the favored partner for wedding videographers, small businesses, and filmmakers.

Why Outsource Video Editing Services to MCVO

There are more than 1 million Software Developers in the Philippines supporting companies outside the Philippines!


We can edit Weddings, Mitzvahs, Corporate and any type of Social Event.

Top Quality

The highest quality of edited footage. We work hard to give your clips a professional look. Just specify the style, duration and goal of the clip.

Fast Delivery

Send us your order and get a video professionally edited in the shortest possible time. On average, it takes from 10 to 15 days.

Professional Video Editing Services

Video content has one of the most sought-after elements in the content marketing world. Thus, it goes without saying that having excellent video editing skills is critical to weave strong and influential brand stories.

Making stunning videos has become a priority in the business sector. However, it takes a highly skilled and experienced video editor to determine when to cut a shot when needed, choose a suitable score, and other essentials, which come up with this service. 

Our broad spectrum of diversified offerings enables us to match your particular requirements when you choose to outsource video editing services. We will help you throughout every step. The steps are basic, and we are always here by your side to guide you.

Our Services:

  • Background Score
  • Faulty Pixel Correction 
  • Color Correction
  • Shot Sequencing
  • Additional Effect
  • Background Noise Removal 

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services, our video editors utilize the best of their creative skills to make and clean up your videos. You can rest assured the final result will be an influential visual representation of their dedication and quality into the project. 

On top of that, their certification and training mirror just how amazing their abilities are, to add a touch of genuineness to our video editing services.

We have already assisted startups and SMEs in creating simple, easy-to-use, and beautiful products as we believe remarkable animations and digital solutions are your right. 

Why don’t you offer your videos a professional lift with our assistance? Request a free consultation today by calling us at 847-452-6550 or fill out the form to get started!

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Small and Medium-sized businesses, CPA, Bookkeeping, and Financial Advisory Firms