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MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services provides experienced full-time Content Writers in the Philippines. Hire one now starting at $10.38/Hr. Book a call today or fill out the form below to get started.

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What we offer

Build authority in your industry and marketing your products and services more effectively by hiring a dedicated, full time Content Writer who understands how to write search-friendly copy.

Drive organic traffic and high-value leads to your website with optimized blog and SEO content.

Keep your brand relevant and establish your network by publishing guest posts and press releases.

Stay in touch with your customers and nurture your leads by sending out well-written email newsletters.

Boost sales with optimized product descriptions written according to the latest search trends and standards.

Menu of Services

All of our talent is college educated and fluent in writing English.  See below for pricing based on experience level:



Years of Experience

Annual Cost

Monthly Cost

Effective Hourly Rate










$23,400 – $25,920

$1,950 – $2,160

$11.25 – $12.46




$27,000 – $30,000

$2,250 – $2,500

$12.98 – $14.42

As a trusted outsourcing company in the Philippines, MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services helps small to medium businesses with our full range of BPO services. We provide highly qualified and efficient offshore staff, including outsourced content writers. We can put your brand in front of customers through well-researched and written online content, developed according to tested and proven SEO practices. 

With our content writers, you can boost your brand identity, convert leads to sales, and motivate your audience to act. Book a call with our Chicago-based sales team today to discuss the kind of content you need. 

Why Outsource Content Writing to the Philippines

Content Creation Experts

We can provide Junior, Mid, or Senior Content Writers that have experience writing content for US-based companies.

Reduce Costs

Hiring an offshore Content Writer from the Philippines will cost less than half of similar positions in the US

Cost Efficiency

Our content writers are competitively priced to meet the budget of startups and Small Businesses

Establish Authority and Fuel Digital Marketing By Hiring A High-Quality Content Writer

You’ve probably heard this time and again: content is king. Without content, you can’t optimize your website and other online channels. However, with everyone else taking their business online, you need good content to cut through the noise. 

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services is here to help with your content writing and marketing requirements. With the collaboration of our experienced content writers and SEO specialists, you can get content that engages your audience, showcases your strong value propositions, and delivers value-laden information. Ultimately, our content writers provide you with a robust foundation for your digital marketing efforts.

By hiring our outsourced content writers, you can benefit from…

  • Relevant content that inspires action from customers
  • Website content, SEO articles, blogs, press releases, newsletters, and other types of content created with lead nurturing strategies in mind
  • Optimized content that will push your web pages to the top of SERPs
  • Well-researched pieces that represent your authority

Ready to see our content writers in action?  Tell us about your content needs and we’ll recommend the best solution for you! Book a call now to get started!

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Who We Serve:

Small and Medium-sized businesses, CPA, Bookkeeping, and Financial Advisory Firms

“We’ve been very happy with your companies data entry services! Looking forward to furthering our partnership. Would be happy to give a recommendation to any future business if you’d like."
Hallett Ogburn
President - Med + Proctor