MCVO take The Work and Risks Off Your Hands

Why are companies offshoring to the Philippines and what benefits do companies get from it?

The answers are simple, but, here are the top  three most impactful reasons .

1) Access to talents that are hard to fill.  For certain jobs there is a greater availability of highly skilled and experienced employees overseas or some jobs seem hard to fill because it just doesn’t attract local interest.  For example, Philippines is known as a resourceful and creative country.  There is a large pool of Graphic Design talents in the Philippines.  Data Entry, is another example, of a position that seem hard to  retain talents due to the monotony of the duties.  But, in the Philippines, Filipinos don’t shy away from tedious work because they are patient individuals by culture and nature.

2) Labor Cost savings. Companies can save about 70% compared to the cost of a U.S.-based employee for the same level of performance, and oftentimes the offshore employees in the Philippines are more committed, grateful for the work.

3) Reduction of legal exposure of employee lawsuits.  Employee issues can be time-consuming, very costly, and can escalate into legal liabilities. Using offshore staff eliminates certain legal exposure to employment liabilities such as workmans compensation, employee liability concerns, health privacy, etc.

Many times companies are rewarded with higher levels of retention and loyalty from offshore staff.  In the Philippines, they typically consider working for American companies to be prestigious.  Opportunity to work with Americans elevates their sense of professionalism.  So let MCVO Talent Resource Services take the work and risks off your hands.  We are committed to making it work for you.