virtually connecting to clients

Our business principally provides “virtual” services to our clients in the U.S. and U.K as MCVO Talent Resources is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company in the Philippines.  When COVID-19 struck our world and businesses had to immediately plan for its employees to work from home, working remotely is not a new concept for us.

However, in an ever evolving world of the virtual space, what’s important is to make our clients feel that despite the distance, we are partners that has a close connection to them.  It’s rather contradicting for BPO companies to conduct businesses remotely while preserving the ‘human touch’ of Client Service Managers and remote employees.

The key point in maintaining that human element with our clients is establishing a Trusting Relationship with them from the start.  It is essential to establish a trusting relationship with a new client from the initial meeting and onboarding process, especially if the work (and relationship) is remote.  What stems from that trusted relationship is a plan to work together and build a (consistent) bridge of communication.  When consistency is built, the relationship with the client naturally grows.

The growth we develop in client relationships is meaningful to us.  It shows that with outside business conversations, personal stories are also shared.  It further builds loyalty and confidence that we are not just another BPO company; we are different from others.  At MCVO, we genuinely care for our clients by knowing who they are.  Although, there are natural ‘barriers’ built between client and vendor in the beginning, through time we both slowly break those barriers.

During COVID when almost the entire world relied on virtual connection with family, friends, colleagues, and others to stay connected, MCVO Talent Resources are three steps ahead.  Not only do we conduct business remotely due to the nature of our industry, MCVO has our unique human touch with our clients.  And, we are proud to say that amongst many cultures,

Filipinos are known as warm-hearted and hospitable individuals. This is one of the many reasons why the Philippines, is a country where outsourcing companies thrive.  Our warmth and welcoming character is innate within us.

MCVO Talent Resources’ clients are more than just our business partners they are also our friends from afar.