Staying Connected with Our Clients and Employees Amidst COVID

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”9312″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Staying Connected with Our Clients and Employees To Be One of The Best Outsourcing Companies in Philippines Amidst COVID-19 Challenges


As the saying goes, “Communication is the key to a good relationship.” However, with the recent events that have impacted and continue to happen caused by Covid-19, it has made communication more difficult. At MCVO, as our client’s business outsource partners, we are committed to stay connected and being one of the best outsourcing companies in Philippines.


There is a magnitude of management responsibilities that must be maintained and administered while our employees work from are their respective homes. While we ensure that daily productivity is met, our most important goal is to continue to satisfy our clients’ business process outsourcing needs. To effectively achieve this, we have to stay connected to both our clients and employees. When issues arise either it be by the clients or employee office-related matters, or discuss daily plans, etc. the managers and leaders can literally “walk over” to the employee’s work station to discuss solutions, and other particulars.  With the Work from Home schedule, it presents a more complex way to stay connected and communicate.  There are numerous exchange of emails, chats, and online meetings to get an issue resolved or just plainly communicate a plan for the day. There are many challenges to stay connected using technology of emails and chats. To send a message is one thing; but, to make sure that your message comes across audibly is another.  Another setback is disabling our employees’ feeling of “disconnect” from their colleagues and managers.  This manifests a sense of isolation.


How do we overcome these challenges?

As one of the best outsourcing companies in Philippines, here are the measures that we’ve taken at MCVO:

1) IT and Management ensured that all employees have reliable computers and internet connection.

2) IT and Management provided a video/web conference where we meet with clients and employees.

3) Schedule a daily check-in with staff whether via online messaging, emails or video conference.

4) Address any road blocks that hinders productivity.

5) Send weekly touch base message to Clients to ascertain that we continue to provide the outsource services we promised while employees working from home.

6) And lastly, HR helps our employees stay engaged and informed through daily activities and messages.  


With all these peaks and valleys to stay connected to our clients and employees, our utmost attention are two important factors:

1) To maintain the high-quality level of business outsourcing services needed by our clients who believed that MCVO is a dependable company despite the instability of economy; and,

2) To keep our employees healthy and safe from COVID-19.


We are individuals who genuinely care; regardless if we are eight thousand miles apart from our clients.  We will continue to support and be the one of the best outsourcing companies in Philippines.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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