Cebu City Set to Declare Special ‘BPO Day’ to Honor Industry Contributions

BPO, BPO Day, Cebu City Set to Declare Special 'BPO Day', Cebu City Set to Declare Special ‘BPO Day’ to Honor Industry Contributions

Cebu City’s thriving economy owes much to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, a fact recognized by the City Council as they prepare to institute a dedicated ‘BPO Day’ to honor the sector’s contributions. This move comes in response to a proposal by Councilor Pancrasio “Francis” Esparis, titled the “Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) Industry Day Ordinance of 2023,” which has garnered significant support and is now poised for final approval during the session on April 24.

Esparis’ proposal underscores the profound impact of the BPO industry on Cebu City’s economic landscape. “The BPO industry has infused billions of pesos into the economy of Cebu City and has employed thousands of Cebuanos and even non-Cebuanos,” reads a portion of the proposal. It highlights how the industry has not only weathered the economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic but also continued to grow and thrive, thanks to the dedication of its workforce.

According to a report, the celebration was originally slated for March 28, a date significant for its association with the industry’s resilience during the pandemic. However, the Committee on Laws, Ordinances, and Styling recommended moving the celebration to April 1. This date symbolizes the return of BPO workers to on-site operations as pandemic restrictions eased. Additionally, discussions during public hearings led to considerations about renaming the event to Business Process Management (BPM) Day, reflecting the industry’s evolution beyond traditional BPO services.

Darwin John Moises, Vice President of Cebu IT BPM Organization (CIB.O), emphasized the inclusivity of the BPM term, encompassing not just contact centers but also knowledge process outsourcing (KPOs), search services, and in-house centers. Moises highlighted the industry’s significant contribution to employment, with over 300 companies in the IT-BPM sector employing around 200,000 people directly, and an estimated 550,000 indirectly.

During the public hearing, stakeholders expressed varying opinions on the date for BPO/BPM Day. Moises advocated for March 28, citing its significance during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) period, when the industry showcased resilience and dedication amid adversity. Councilor Esparis and Vice Mayor Raymond Alvin Garcia acknowledged this sentiment, recognizing the industry’s contributions during challenging times.

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