Offshore Outsourcing Tips: What’s the Best Way to Implement a Remote or Offshore Workforce?

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Wondering how you can best achieve offshore outsourcing success and what’s the best way to implement a remote or offshore workforce?

There are generally 2 approaches to remote offshore outsourcing based on the needs of the business.

  1. If the company wants to reduce costs over time, replacing employees that leave or are terminated with offshore or remote employees is a good strategy.  The key here is that the company has strong documentation on the work to be performed (such as SOPs etc.)
  2. If the company needs to reduce costs ASAP, then replacing existing employees with remote talent is preferable. Typically, there’s a 1-month overlap for training and knowledge transfer.

Companies that allow current staff to work remotely may also have a big advantage as the company culture already supports “remote colleagues”. The keys to integrating labor outside the US are the same as having US staff working remotely. Basically, you need:

  • available training materials
  • well-documented SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • technology that allows offshore and remote employees to access systems
  • support of ownership/management

Determining the Work Hours of Offshore Staff

Another key factor in ensuring offshore outsourcing success is determining the working hours of the outsourced/offshore staff. For instance, some companies must have their Filipino colleagues work in US time zones due to their job functions. These positions include customer service, telemarketing, virtual assistant, and human resources, to name a few. On the other hand, some jobs (like photo editing and retouching photos that appear on a website), can be done at any time. Meanwhile, other jobs require a few hours of overlap (such as working from 3:00 AM – Noon) to touch base.

We often hear from US managers that “I love turning on my computer and seeing much of my department’s daily work completed”. With either approach, the net out of reducing US office labor by 60% or more through outsourcing/offshoring in the Philippines is the same.

MCVO Can Help You Achieve Success in Offshoring

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