offshoring office work

As the world continues to suffer from the pandemic which has been a ruthless eradicator of businesses, it paved ways to business process outsourcing (BPO) companies as a contingency plan for North American, Australian, and European companies.  Amid the pandemic, companies thought of offshoring as long-term strategies to see the light through the darkness.

The reality of office employees logging in from home could reshape the workplace for a longer period of time.  The broader shift to working remotely can further erode U.S, UK, AU. workers’ place in the local ecosystem, leading to new waves of business process outsourcing.  While some experts caution that these shifts may be temporary, others see long-term changes taking hold.

If employers see no negative impact on productivity, C-level executives or management may be more accepting of working from home or rethink the way their workplaces run. Instead of employees working all day in an office, employers may find, that tasks can be done offsite or offshore.  Therefore, removing whole offices entirely and seeking answers to outsource companies.

Because working remotely for the past months has been proven effective, companies are more open to shifting work to countries with lower labor costs such as the Philippines.  This presents a long term solution to reduce operating costs for many companies as they regain lost profits.

American businesses have shown survival from many traumas such as the Great Depression, the Great Recession, September 11, and others.  The coronavirus pandemic could push broad societal shifts with country-wide disruption and a new normal for economic change.  But, if there is one reality that companies need to reflect upon, it is that the need to plan for future contingencies.  Health crises are just one of many unpleasant possibilities; weather disruptions, public security scares and economic meltdowns are among the other scenarios.  Employers with BPOs as their contingency plan, such as MCVO Talent Resource Services is ready to minimize the impact on business disruptions.

Given the debilitating impact of COVID-19, MCVO Talent Resource Services understands how to mitigate the impression of the pandemic.  As organizations are faced with amplified challenges with operating efficiently and are forced businesses to work remotely, they have new opportunities to offshore that will save them in the long run.

MCVO can step into our client’s environment and be the key economic relief from their lost income.  Our approach is unique and we help address any challenges in reducing overhead cost.