MCVO Business during Pandemic

The pandemic has placed many people who earn daily wages in a tough spot, either closing down their small business or losing their jobs from small or larger companies. It is a devastating time.  It massively changed our lives in so many ways. Some have predicted that changes will happen in how we shop, how educators teach, how doctors consult with patients, how employees work remotely, and much more.

It is sad to even think that more than half of small businesses will not survive this year.  Those jobs are gone and most independent restaurants will close.  Hospitality, entertainment, sports, and travel will struggle to reclaim its traction.  As we look back to what has happened and look forward to where we may be headed, these difficult times should empower us for the rest of our lives.

The first month of lock-down slowly broke down many businesses.  We worried about money.  The pain of the pandemic was oppressive. It instigated tension in our lives and livelihoods. We thought, “When will this ever end?”.  As business owners and executives realized that this devastation may prolong, they had to maneuver, and they had to do it fast.

MCVO Talent Resource services endured the same adversity as other companies; but, it was, fortunately, short-lived.  Although our business may not be back to fully operational, we adapted to the changes presented to us. As a team, we became stronger as a unit.

To mitigate additional damages of the pandemic, our management team was laser-focused on critical factors that protected our business:

1) We pivoted our business plan.  From taking on smaller projects, recruiting employees virtually, onboarding clients while contract employees work from home, and others that resulted to shift our direction.

2) We reevaluated taking on more space.  We are aware that our business could fall back to where it was. We placed a hold on expanding into the 2 spaces we initially planned before COVID.

3) We only spent money where it is desperately needed.  Although we gave hardship allowances to employees on furlough, we did not spend money on “nice to haves”.

4) We adjusted our plans as business dictated. Our planning never stops.  Direction shifted as often as necessary.

5) We kept our employees engaged through virtual ‘social-distancing ’ activities.  We care about our employees who work hard every single day. It’s that simple.

At our current pace, the steps we’ve taken may or may not be sustainable as the lock-down progresses.  But, whatever it takes, we are motivated each day in providing outsourcing services to our clients.

Some days are agonizing, some days are bearable. Many businesses struggle around the world.  Despite our battle in the middle of the war, remember that “YOU don’t fall alone.”.  We have each other, and we will survive this together.