5 Things To Know About Outsourcing

About Aoutsourcing, 5 Things To Know About Outsourcing

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1:  Why Outsource:

The cost of running a U.S. company increases every year. With annual increases in health insurance, employee compensation and the pressure to invest in technology and cyber security, companies must continue to find ways to reduce operating costs.  With payroll being the #1 expense in most companies, both privately held and Fortune 500 companies are realizing huge savings through outsourcing office talents.

2:  Can It Work At My Company?

If an office job can be performed by someone working remotely (not physically in your office) on a permanent basis, then it can be outsourced through www.mcvotalent.com

3:  What Are The Most Common Jobs That Can Be Outsourced:

Here are the “best sellers” and estimated pricing.

  • Accounting – Controller  (24-28K)
  • Accounting – Bookkeeper  (22-24K)
  • Customer Service / Help Desk – Phone, Email and Chat during US business hours (22-26K)
  • Customer Service / Help Desk after normal US business hours (20-24K)
  • Data Entry / General Office  (18K)
  • Marketing – generalist (email list management, preparing reports of metrics, posting on Social Media etc.) (18-20K)
  • Marketing – website design (we provide contract work for website refreshes/updates) @ $25 per hour
  • Marketing – SEO Specialist (22-30K)
  • Marketing – Online Acquisition Specialist (24-30K)
  • Software Development (senior and mid-level) (35-50K)
  • IT – Quality Assurance (22-30K)

4:  What Are The Cost Savings

  Typical annual savings are 20K – 40K per employee.   The total cost of a US employee earning a 40K salary is ~ 50K with benefits, taxes, 401K match etc.  With remote staff, the labor rate for your contracted employees includes all of these costs which are absorbed by MCVO.  Another benefit is the reduction in employer liability.  Although your remote staff is directed by their US counterparts, they are contractors, (not employees), so all HR functions are managed by MCVO Talent.

5:  What’s The Best Way To Get Started?

Start with 1 remote employee.  It’s critical to have strong documentation on the work to be performed (such as SOP’s etc.), to effectively train your first overseas talent.


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