Outsourcing Workload and Other Ways to Care for Employees This Holiday Season

Managers and leaders continue to grapple with uncertainty amidst the disruptions that threaten businesses. It is quite easy to forget that employees are also impacted by uncertainties, no matter how much management tries to soften the blow and be transparent about the situation. If you are reading this, congratulations to you and your employees for making it far this year. Show them a little appreciation for the hard work that they’ve done by outsourcing workload during the holidays, among others. 

outsourcing workload, Outsourcing Workload and Other Ways to Care for Employees This Holiday Season

Outsourcing workload

During this busy season,  you may want to streamline your employees’ energies only to the most important things so they can also enjoy the holidays with their families. You don’t want to clock in overtime hours on data entry and other support tasks since you can outsource these. 

Outsourcing workload to a third party is also helpful when you have huge volumes of workload only for the season, since you only have to engage the third party for a fixed period. This can be done successfully with a clear plan that identifies roles and responsibilities among in-house and outsourced staff, as well as a comprehensive list of deliverables and deadlines. 

Team Bonding

Even if they do not ask for it explicitly, employees appreciate management that values them as humans and not just as warm bodies that get the job done. Take them out for a meal, go on a trip with them, or engage them in a few games or activities that will build your bond. The possibilities are endless. Try to minimize talk of deadlines and deliverables. Focus instead on what lights them up the moment they log off work. 

Recognize their hard work

When you take stock of what the company has achieved in the past year, don’t forget to highlight the individual achievements of each employee. A simple announcement or ceremony of these achievements is a good place to start. You can also provide fiscal or non-fiscal incentives for exemplary employees if your resources permit. This will surely boost the morale of your employees and inspire them to continue their efforts. 

Opportunities to advance

Whether it’s an increase in salary or a higher position, advancement opportunities encourage strong performance amidst crisis. Advancement will differ from company to company, depending on the resources available. But keeping an open line of communication about potential advancement opportunities is a great way to show that employees’ efforts throughout the trying year are appreciated and that there is a place for them in the company’s long-term roadmap. 

Make life easier for your employees by outsourcing workload

With the holidays fast approaching and the work still piling up, your employees would surely appreciate a morale boost at this point. Let them know they are valued. More importantly, clearly communicate that the company is there for them to provide the support that they need. If you think outsourcing workload can help your employees, book a call MCVO outsourcing services for a consultation. The MCVO team is trained to adapt to the needs of US and UK markets and can hit the ground running to help lighten the load of seasonal demands. 


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