Outsourcing Website Refresh: A Basic Checklist for Success

outsourcing website refresh, Outsourcing Website Refresh: A Basic Checklist for Success

Your website needs an upgrade once in a while, but not all upgrades are the same. Websites do not need a complete overhaul most of the time. Sometimes, a website refresh can do more than enough. A full website redesign would entail changing the whole structure of your website. A website refresh, on the other hand, can just be as simple as changing the font or color palette of the website. What are the tell-tale signs that you should be outsourcing website refresh services? Top BPO company, MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services, shares this basic checklist.

outsourcing website refresh, Outsourcing Website Refresh: A Basic Checklist for Success

Bad customer feedback on website

Every part of the customer journey is important, including their experience of navigating your website for information. Perhaps you need to write a simpler but more effective copy to help your customer go through your website? A website refresh can troubleshoot communication concerns with your visitors. 

Maybe your website has a high bounce rate? This could be because your users cannot immediately find what they are looking for, or they think your website looks unattractive. An SEO audit can also help you determine if you need to optimize your page’s SEO to improve traffic. 

A functional and professional-looking website will give your users an impression that you are an authority on the product or service you offer. 

Outsourcing website refresh for mobile optimization 

You are missing out on a lot of potential customers if your website is not optimized for mobile use, especially now that at least a third of the world’s population uses smartphones. 

A website refresh is an opportunity to evaluate how your website looks on various mobile devices. From there, you can determine coding techniques to use to adjust the design to mobile screens. 

Mobile users check for information on the go, so a fast response rate is important. A mobile-responsive website will help increase your conversions. 

Change in business direction 

Don’t leave out your website when you change logos, fonts, and messaging. A website redesign is not necessary for this purpose, but your website’s look and tone should match with other brand materials. Outsourcing website refresh services

Budget limitations for redesign 

Website refresh are quick wins you can execute in lieu of a bigger, long-term website redesign. In fact, there are cases where you can get a lot more done if you do a website refresh in phases. A website refresh is a cost-effective alternative to a redesign, especially if your main concern is usability and navigation. Outsourcing website refresh services should do the trick. 

Ready for Outsourcing Website Refresh?

E-commerce sales rose from 16 to 19 percent in 2020, according to the United Nations. It is imperative for businesses to go digital if they want to flourish. 

If at least one item mentioned in the preceding paragraph applies to you, your website is definitely a good candidate for a website refresh. 

We are Social ranked the Philippines as number 1 in internet usage. An outsourcing company in the Philippines would have a good grasp of a good website user experience, even for markets in the US, UK and other markets outside their own. Make that call to MVCO Talent and speak to one of their skilled experts on how to jumpstart your website refresh. 

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