The Drivers Behind Outsourcing Talent for Innovation

outsourcing talent for innovation, The Drivers Behind Outsourcing Talent for Innovation

Innovation is a big buzzword that has been around for a while, and will not likely go away. What compels people and organizations to innovate? These are three general drivers, which are not necessarily exclusive from one another. But these drivers show how outsourcing talent for innovation warrants attention because innovation-driven projects are normally huge undertakings. 

Technology. The most apparent driver for innovation is the shift to the virtual environment. Virtual team meetings had always been optional until they became mandatory in recent years. Managers now realize that they have more time to build relationships through technology. 

The appreciation for technology has also encouraged creative multimedia executions that allow users to demonstrate their potential to customers. 

Diversity. Discourse on diversity in the workplace has been ongoing for two decades already, and there’s no turning back on this one. Gender and race are the two most common indicators of diversity but workers’ more nuanced narratives have surfaced over the years – women of color, single women of color, a single father of twins, multi-ethnic households, etc. This scenario requires innovative approaches to navigate. 

Sustainability. Environmental concerns were already raised even as early as the first Industrial Revolution but today’s innovation has opened new ways of doing business in a sustainable way. Today’s businesses have a sustainability component in their operations because this also affects how their shareholders view them. Profit has to be balanced with sustainability, something that innovation can reconcile. 

outsourcing talent for innovation, The Drivers Behind Outsourcing Talent for Innovation

Reasons for outsourcing talent for innovation

Today’s competitive world drives organizations to pursue larger innovation-driven projects. We break down the reasons for outsourcing talent for innovation instead of fully delegating these projects to in-house personnel: 

Time. More often than not, results-delivery for innovation-driven projects is time-sensitive. Instead of using the time to go through countless trial-and-error scenarios, it is better to entrust these projects to the hands of the experts. 

Expertise.Tapping skilled workers can be challenging because of the increased demand. Training in-house staff is another option but it may not be feasible and sustainable if it is for a large-ticket digitalization process that requires seasoned hands on deck, from start to finish. 

Resources. For innovation projects that aren’t exactly in your realm of expertise, outsourcing talent for these projects may be a better option because you can adjust the scale of services the outsourced party will render. Scaling these projects will end up more cost-effective. 

Innovation-driven projects to outsource

The most common innovation-driven project is digital transformation, which can be a tectonic shift in ways of working for the entire organization. The key to seamless transformation is ensuring adequate support for your core members. This can be through virtual assistants who can assume support work as core members transition to digital means or IT support teams who can troubleshoot tech problems 24/7. Outsourcing talents for innovation to MCVO, a veteran business process outsourcing company in the Philippines, will ensure that your organization gets ample support as it embraces innovation. Book a call with one of our founders to discuss which support services you need. 

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