Does Cold Calling Still Work? Outsourced Telemarketing Professionals Weigh In

outsourced telemarketing professionals, Does Cold Calling Still Work? Outsourced Telemarketing Professionals Weigh In

Cold calling seems to be a bad word nowadays, with what. Why can’t you just send EDMs? Targeting tools can help you with the effective placements of ads. You can also send direct messages through messaging platforms and even put your targeted ads there? What’s the use of cold calling if the receiving end usually does not have the time of the day to listen to you? Let the outsourced telemarketing professionals at MCVO Outsourcing give you a deeper insight into this.

outsourced telemarketing professionals, Does Cold Calling Still Work? Outsourced Telemarketing Professionals Weigh In

What is cold calling?

Cold calling is when sales professionals reach out to individuals who have not been contacted or have no idea what your product or service is about. As the name suggests, cold calling is usually done via phone calls. However, this can also be done through in-person visits. 

The goal of the cold call is to engage a prospect in a longer conversation about your product or service. A cold call’s success is heavily determined by a well-crafted elevator pitch. If the prospect agrees to stay on the call longer to learn more about the offer, then the outsourced telemarketing professional can consider the cold call a success. 

Why does cold calling have a bad rap?

Regardless of who you are or what you do in life, there are so many things that fight for our attention nowadays. Thus, even without deliberately doing it, we are compelled to prioritize the things we give attention to. Will you give 5 minutes of your day listening to a pitch from a stranger, or use those 5 minutes to hear recommendations from a referred contact? Why do I need to listen to a stranger when I can do my own research?

These are two of the many things running through the head of a cold call recipient. They would rather receive distilled information from a trusted contact instead of entertaining a cold call at a random time of the day (or night). Cold calls can make a business look desperate. 

Should I give up cold calling?

Note that we added “can” in the last sentence in the preceding paragraph. Cold calling is still an effective way to establish a human connection, and an opportunity to sharpen your pitches to retain attention. The latter is useful and applicable even in other modes of telemarketing. Here are some proven, expert-backed tips to maximize cold calling: 

  • Research and explore other touchpoints with prospects. Cold calling has an unfortunate reputation of being intrusive. Telemarketers can touch base with prospects before a call through email, SMS, or a message via social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn) before the call. The pre-call time should be used to research further on the prospect. 
  • Personalize your pitch.  Taking off from the first tip, your research should yield information that you can integrate in your pitch. Among the many calls your prospect receives on a regular basis, they are bound to take the one from someone who knows their company and understands its needs. Or, at the very least, is genuinely interested in understanding them. 
  • Outsource your telemarketing needs.  Training and spending on full-time telemarketers can be an added source of frustration. Channel your energies instead on your core functions, and outsource this task to a professional team that is already trained to make targeted pitches and convert prospects.

Tap outsourced telemarketing professionals with a proven track record

As an outsourcing company in the Philippines, MCVO Talent understands the shifting needs of English-speaking markets. Its 25 years of experience in cold calling shows that their cold calling techniques have stood the test of time and have evolved according to the demands of the day. Book a call now to meet your outsourced telemarketing professionals with cold calling expertise. 


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