MCVO Advocates Work From Home Schedule for The Safety of our Employees from COVID-19

outsourcing services, MCVO Advocates Work From Home Schedule for The Safety of our Employees from COVID-19

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”9241″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]MCVO fully supports the Work From Home schedule for the safety of our employees while continuing to provide outsourcing services to our clients. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented social challenges, fatalities, and health detriments to many individuals across the world.  MCVO advocates for the Stay-at-Home ordinance set by the city, county, local townships, and municipalities all throughout the countries.


How MCVO’s Work From Home Schedule works?

MCVO promotes the Stay-at-Home and Work From Home for the following purposes:


  • Continuous Service

With the company’s Work From Home arrangement, employees are safe while working productively.  Virtual meetings through various web conference channels have become an integral tool to bridge communication amongst our clients. As an outsource company with a business model that supports clients remotely, the current working conditions may not be far different from our client’s perspective.  Work From Home, however, provides our employees the opportunity to continue to earn a living.  The negative financial impact of COVID-19 has been extremely difficult for many companies and employees alike.


  • Safety of Employees

MCVO takes the safety of our employees seriously.  We immediately addressed keeping their work environment free from risks even before the mandatory Stay-at-Home ordinance was in place.  We considered the level(s) of risks associated with potential exposures and jobs employees perform while on office premise.  Such considerations included disinfecting work stations, computers, chairs, and common areas where higher risks to contract the virus are present.


Work From Home schedule can significantly help secure the safety of our employees during this time of crisis.


  • Great Customer Support

When the Stay-at-Home order was mandated, our Senior Management Team and Technology Team worked around-the-clock to provide the equipment and tools our employees need to Work From Home efficiently.  These included the actual delivery of computers and portable WiFi connectors to ensure stronger capacity and bandwidth our employees need to support our clients’ businesses.


MCVO is very proud of the outsourcing services we provide to our clients.  In times of economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, MCVO acted quickly as we know how essential our outsourcing services are  to our clients.


The Work From Home structure is an efficient (and effective) way secure the safety and life of everyone. It allows our clients to continue to operate their business while MCVO support them as their outsource partner.


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