How Outsourced Virtual Assistants Can Up Your Influencer Marketing

, How Outsourced Virtual Assistants Can Up Your Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t a mere luxury these days, even for small and medium enterprises. It has become a widespread practice, and the difference among companies only lies in the resources they are willing to allocate. Are you tapping micro-influencers, local influencers, vertical influencers, or celebrities? Will you have them just mention your brand, or are you doing sponsored content, giveaways, or takeovers? There are endless (often overwhelming) options. For this, outsourced virtual assistants for influencer marketing could help you stay the course.

Is it time to tap outsourced virtual assistants?

There are two simple important signs you should outsource your influencer marketing efforts or at least hire virtual assistants to help you with your campaigns.

Influencer marketing is new to you.

Influencer campaigns can easily be mistaken for brand ambassador campaigns, but if you buy this kind of thinking, you’ll be in for a surprise. Influencers are not as committed to brands as ambassadors, and within the influencer sphere, there are different levels of commitment. You may be greeted by landmines here and there if you aren’t experienced in navigating this sphere.

Your team isn’t equipped, but you plan to leverage influencer marketing as a key strategy.

It’s already no longer a question of “why” you’re taking influencer marketing as a strategic route. It’s already a “how,” given its prevalence. But since this can be a noisy space, your team needs ample headspace to work on influencer marketing as a project on its own and not just a peripheral activity.

If these two apply to your organizations, it is about time you bring in outsourced virtual assistants for influencer marketing as reinforcements.

What can outsourced virtual assistants for influencer marketing do?

We can go on all day about what virtual assistants can do to boost your influencer marketing initiatives. These are three main things they can help you with:  

  • Research and Analytics. Virtual assistants can handle regular industry research to help you match the best influencers for your brand and the most suitable influencer activities. You can also delegate the initial analytics work to them for your verification.
  • Scheduling and Coordination. Dedicating an individual or a team to schedule posts and iron logistics is crucial when handling big or multiple campaigns with several influencers.
  • Relationship Building. Influencers have different things that make them tick, and if you want to keep them enthusiastic about your brand, you should invest in relationship building. Having an assistant remember their birthdays, special occasions, and other preferences – no matter how mundane – can make your influencers feel valued, which is good for your brand in the long run.

Boost your influencer marketing with virtual assistants from MCVO

Give your brand a boost, starting with outsourced virtual assistants for influencer marketing. MCVO talent is an outsourcing company that trains virtual assistants to appreciate English-speaking markets and their needs deeply. Book a call to find the right virtual assistant for you. 

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