Year-End Review: Should You Outsource Business Functions?

outsource business functions, Year-End Review: Should You Outsource Business Functions?

With the last remaining days of the year approaching, organizations should use this opportunity to start planning for the next year. Were the past year’s goals and objectives met? What strategies should stay, be tweaked, or scrapped entirely? If you are planning an expansion, which departments should have more people? You can outsource business functions if you want to maximize your budget. 

Manpower issues are commonly-raised pain points in year-end reviews. Outsourcing services can relieve your current staff and allow them to fulfill the company’s important functions. 

In this post, top American-owned BPO company in the Philippines, MCVO Talent, shares the functions you can outsource to drive growth and transformation in your company. 

outsource business functions, Year-End Review: Should You Outsource Business Functions?


Perhaps your employees have been spending more time than they should on data entry, scheduling activities, and processing a pile of paperwork. While important, these are non-core tasks that you can easily outsource because they usually do not require extensive experience. 

Virtual assistants can unload some of the work from your busier teams. Outsourcing companies equip their virtual assistants with the necessary tools to handle administrative tasks all at the same time. All you need to do is to download these tasks. 

Accounting and Bookkeeping 

Understandably, companies are hesitant to outsource accounting and bookkeeping because financial records contain sensitive information. However, only a handful are skilled in accounting and bookkeeping. Mishandling financial records can lead to serious monetary losses. 

Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping are not unheard of nowadays. These business functions are among the most commonly outsourced today, just like digital marketing. Pick a firm that does not employ a one-size-fits-all approach and stays up to date with accounting industry standards


Just like accounting and bookkeeping, payroll entails processing sensitive employee information. Human Resource professionals will be reluctant in the beginning to provide confidential company data to outsourcing firms. However, maintaining an in-house payroll can also be risky if done incorrectly. Miscalculated deductions and noncompliance of labor regulations will come at a costly price.  

That is why it is necessary to do due diligence for outsourcing companies that process payroll. But when you find the right company that practices industry standard procedures and has stringent standards for payroll professionals, you can be assured that your payroll will be processed safely and on time. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is extremely important, no doubt. But this is a rapidly evolving industry that your employees may find challenging to keep up with.

Outsourcing social media marketing services to competent professionals can assure you of tangible results for your social media campaigns. It is also part of their job to keep abreast of the latest trends in social media, so that will lighten the load of your core staff. 

Software Development 

Having your own software is essential for promoting your business, improving sales and services, and engaging with your customers. The data that software collects daily could inform your activities for next year. 

Outsource this highly technical task to a team of trained software developers. Your employees only have to communicate with the developers regularly and manage their deliverables well to ensure that the developers’ work aligns with the companies’ goals. 

Outsource business functions to strengthen your organization’s core

Work will never stop pouring, especially if you seek growth for your organization. Year-end reviews are the perfect time to prioritize tasks and workload of your core staff. All of the other things that don’t make it to your priority list, they can be delegated to outsourcing services. 

Outsource business functions to a BPO company in the Philippines, since companies here are fairly familiar with the business landscape in the US, UK, and Australia. Set up that initial meeting with MCVO and discuss with them the tasks you should outsource so your company can focus on strategic initiatives. 

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