Outsourced Quality Assurance Services: Behind the Scenes

Software testing is one of the popularly outsourced quality assurance services. Although quality assurance covers a wide range of tasks, software testing is one of the most sought-after services, and for a good reason. Rapid digital transformation demands that businesses prioritize technological advancement if they want to grow. Software reliability is key to sustaining businesses in this day and age. 

In this blog, top American-owned BPO company in the Philippines, MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services, shares what goes into effective outsourced quality assurance services.

outsourced quality assurance services, Outsourced Quality Assurance Services: Behind the Scenes

Investing in Software Testing 

If you need to invest in outsourced quality assurance services, it is highly recommendable to put software testing at the top of your list. Testing your software as early as possible will allow you to address bugs before the software officially goes live. Issues like compatibility need to be dealt with, especially if you anticipate your users to have different operating systems and devices. 

Did you also know that big companies spend USD 25 per minute on security breaches? Software testing will minimize these unwanted costs by mitigating security threats before they arise. 

Take a look at some of the things that happen in outsourced quality assurance services, specifically software testing, to understand its crucial role. 

  • Automated testing. Quality assurance professionals run the software repeatedly in automatic tests to finetune the software’s speed and efficiency. 
  • Aligning functions with the purpose. Each software is designed with specific objectives. The testing period should ensure that the software meets these objectives to make it a meaningful tool to its users. 
  • Test security strength. During the software testing, testers will introduce several simulated security threats, evaluate the software vulnerabilities, and add security features where needed before going live. 
  • Integrate user experience. The automation tests productivity under controlled conditions. Incorporating human experience during software testing accounts for unpredictable circumstances of each user and informs developers how difficulties borne out of these circumstances can be solved. This will vastly improve the software’s user experience. 
  • Process feedback.  Feedback will be integral in all four steps mentioned above but it deserves a separate section because addressing feedback in itself will take a lot of the developers’ time. Nonetheless, this step should be implemented thoroughly to improve the software. 

Avail of outsourced quality assurance services

Quality assurance is a confidence-building measure between the developer and the user. Businesses cannot do without technology nowadays but adapting to it can be overwhelming. Quality time lessens the frustration for your users and consequently increases user satisfaction. In the end, it is a win-win situation for the developer and user. 

Since testing is a tedious process, you may want a reliable team with a wealth of experience in this department. A well-established business process outsourcing company in the Philippines can do this for you because they have a solid grasp of user needs from US, UK, Australia, and other progressive markets. Have a chat with MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services to discuss our outsourced quality assurance services. 

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