Outsourcing Cybersecurity to Keep Up With the Times

outsourcing cybersecurity, Outsourcing Cybersecurity to Keep Up With the Times

One of the few things that the workforce welcomed in the global health crisis was the development and refinement of the hybrid work setup. It had already been introduced before the pandemic but its development was accelerated by necessity. Although a welcome development, it poses its own dangers. Cybercriminals can infiltrate company assets through remote devices. More often than not, employees inadvertently allow this to happen by clicking on a seemingly harmless link that leads to a harmful website. With these developments, it is little surprise that investment in cybersecurity tools is one of the key trends of recent years. Outsourcing cybersecurity is one of them, too. 

Whereas cybersecurity was a concern completely left up to the IT department in the past, such is not the case in a highly digital workforce in almost all industries. Chief Information Officers have become popular because cybersecurity threats need to be approached at a strategic level these days. 

These are three main directions you can take if you are concerned about your company’s cybersecurity state. 

outsourcing cybersecurity, Outsourcing Cybersecurity to Keep Up With the Times

Consider adopting a multi-layered network protection

Since cyberattackers can pounce on your assets from an employee’s remote device, it’s important to depart from myopic cybersecurity systems that address threats in silos. A multi-layered approach to cybersecurity will protect you in the most vulnerable areas where a threat can occur, which is more than one point. 

In a multi-layered network architecture, each product addresses a threat according to its function but when taken holistically as a system, the string of products ensures that no stones are left unturned in your network’s protection.

The number of layers depends on your need, but you will find typical components like network firewall and endpoint detection response, as well as raw URL encryptions. The latter is especially important since it protects devices your employees use even when they are working remotely. 

Reduce the level of employee negligence

A holistic, robust security infrastructure is one half of the equation. The other half is how your people appreciate and apply best cybersecurity practices. The 2022 Ponemon Institute Report reveals that 6 out of 10 insider data breaches are caused by employee errors. 

Employees should receive basic training in the data privacy act, social media policy, device use policy, strong authentication processes for their individual accounts, detecting fraud, and practice of basic cybersecurity hygiene, among others. Sure, outsourcing cybersecurity can beef up support but your employees still need to know the basics to keep up. 

Employ strong support by outsourcing cybersecurity 

Why resort to outsourcing cybersecurity if you have an in-house IT team? Cybersecurity threats and constantly evolving. You can’t capacitate non-IT personnel on cybersecurity but they will still need constant support to cope with rapid developments. Your in-house IT team can deal with strategic innovations to keep up with the times, while a network administrator or cybersecurity support team from an outsourcing company can help employees troubleshoot problems. If you think this is what your company needs, call MCVO Talent to meet network administrators who understand the needs of companies on a global scale. 

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