Outsourced Virtual Assistants: Every C-Suite’s Secret to Sweet Success

outsourced virtual assistants, Outsourced Virtual Assistants: Every C-Suite’s Secret to Sweet Success

The healthcare industry has benefited greatly from the help of non-medical staff such as virtual assistants. Outsourced virtual assistants possess a diverse skillset valuable to top-level executives of many industries. 

Virtual assistants are the remote versions of on-site assistants. Though the label assistant might give the impression of being mere support, their role as the gatekeeper between executives and the rest of the organization gives them the influence and knowledge even other specialists in the company cannot leverage.

outsourced virtual assistants, Outsourced Virtual Assistants: Every C-Suite’s Secret to Sweet Success

How Managers Can Leverage Outsourced Virtual Assistants

Assistants go by different names – virtual assistants, executive assistants, senior executive assistants – it depends on their experience and familiarity in the company. Executives can harness the power of outsourced virtual assistants by:

Empowering Outsourced Virtual Assistants

Outsourced virtual assistants are well aware that their primary role is to provide support to their immediate reporting head, no matter what they do day-to-day. Assistants can only do this effectively if their tasks are systematically dedicated to them. 

You can encourage your assistants to do their jobs well by integrating them properly into the organization. Make sure everyone in the team knows what their role is. Outsourced assistants should not be treated as an outsider so that they can fully fulfill their role. 

Tapping them as Shared Resource

Some organizations don’t provide assistants to their middle managers, but giving them access to this kind of support can do wonders for their morale and productivity. It relieves middle managers of administrative paperwork and other routine tasks so that they can focus on the more strategic decision-making aspects of their roles. One virtual assistant can cater to 2-3 middle managers that handle related work if hiring one for each is not possible. 

Stretching their Skills 

Assistants with impeccable work ethic are most likely hungry to go beyond what is stated in their terms of reference. If you see that they have a firm grasp of their basic responsibilities, work with them on how they can do more and develop their skills. Who knows, they might have formed their own insights and suggestions on operations after attending regular meetings on a certain matter. 

Outsourced Virtual Assistants that Fit Your Every Need

Before even maximizing the virtual assistant, you have to select the right one that suits your needs and style. MCVO Talent is an outsourcing company in the Philippines with junior, mid, and senior-level virtual assistants. Since we don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all solution, we match your outsourced virtual assistants according to your preferences. If you want to collaborate on your dream VA team, book a slot and we’ll give you a call. 

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