Outsourcing Checklist

What services can be offshored or outsourced?  There is a wide range of job functions that can potentially be performed offshore to the Philippines.  The criteria to successfully outsource back-office processes are simple.

Here are 5 questions to know if you qualify:

1)    Can the office function either be performed remotely through a web-based software, access to an onsite computer with the use of software that allows us to view files, etc., handle calls through softphone system, digitize paperwork, and access through network drive?

2)    Can the job function be performed remotely given the appropriate skills and can easily be developed at the outsourced business center?

3)    Is the position hard to fill by local talents (U.S. or U.K.) because of challenging work hours, or skills are scarce at a local level?

4)    Are you looking to replace higher wages with lower wages, reduce labor costs and eliminate employment risks?

5)    Do you want your net profit to increase dramatically by just improving a line item in your operating budget?

If you answered “Yes” on all of these questions, then you’re a winner!

You’re not alone.  Companies all over the world, large or small, have attained the economic value through several channels:  Reduce costs, increase revenues, stop cash bleeding, and reallocation of labor.

In this current economy where many organizations struggle, there’s one common statement that echoes loudly across the board: Reduced costs.

Cost savings represent the largest form of economic value. For every dollar a company spends in U.S. labor, is a dollar that can be saved through offshoring qualified job functions in the Philippines.  Offshoring can significantly contribute to increasing profits.

Outsourcing has long been introduced in North America and European countries especially in the field of manufacturing and telecommunication.   Outsourcing creates value for the U.S. economy that did not exist before.  A value created globally from offshoring that helped the U.S. economy be more flexible, particularly in terms of its labor market.

MCVO Talent Resource Services has helped numerous companies transition their onsite labor to offshore such as Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Accounting, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Data Entry, Web Design and more.  We are a trusted partner by many of our clients.  Let us help you.