MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (November 2023)

MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (November 2023)

Welcome to another edition of MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News! This is a monthly column featuring editorials, updates, and other content from the MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services’ leadership team. This column aims to give our clients, employees, and followers a closer look at what happens in and out of the MCVO office, and what our leaders and teams are up to! Enjoy reading!



“Hey Look Ma, I Made It!”

By: Jama Relman Relosa | Med+Proctor Team Lead |


Getting the promotion was an exhilarating experience, accompanied by immense pressure to lead the Med+Proctor Team. The excitement of the promotion was undeniable, especially when I shared the news with my father, symbolizing a significant achievement. Panic at the Disco’s “Hey, Look Ma I Made It!” provided the soundtrack to this memorable moment. However, amidst the thrill, the weight of responsibility hit hard as I realized the seriousness of my role, not just overseeing but being the deciding figure for the team’s needs and representing their voices to the management.

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (November 2023)
Jama Relosa, Med+Proctor Data Entry Team Lead

Support from Ms. C during challenging moments significantly boosted my confidence. The mantra “Different folks, different strokes” resonated as guidance through various team dynamics. Training days brought valuable insights, particularly Ms. Ina’s impactful advice about leadership not solely relying on technical skills but also on fostering a positive team atmosphere. Despite grappling with self-doubt regarding my capabilities.

Continuous learning marked this phase, guided by Ms. Ina and supported by a collective effort from other team leads and the entire team. While navigating the trial-and-error phases in managing and supervising the team, their unwavering support significantly contributed to decision-making and strategizing for the team’s benefit.

The toughest aspects of training involved coaching the team through mistakes and dealing with difficult end-of-service situations, where controlling emotions was a learning curve. A significant challenge was defining boundaries between being a friend or colleague and fulfilling the role of a Team Lead. However, the team’s willingness to communicate openly and address issues collaboratively assured a sense of unity and support.

Unexpected instances, like being informed about a team member’s pregnancy during a lazy Sunday morning, stressed the 24/7 commitment associated with a leadership role. Attending the Leaders Conference/Training served as a reminder of the role’s significance, although occasionally feeling surreal. Despite moments of doubt, continuous learning and team support were critical in embracing and evolving within the leadership role.

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (November 2023)
Med+Proctor Team Lead, Jama Relosa, with his team.



Career Stability at MCVO

By: Susane Ann Señeres | Jr. Operations Manager |


Towards the end of the interview, we usually give the applicants a chance to ask questions. However, one question that stood out was, “What makes you decide to stay this long in this company?”

To be honest, it wasn’t a difficult question for me to answer. I have been with MCVO for almost seven years, and it has become my second home. MCVO has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a leader and as an individual.

Initially, effective communication and openness to accept feedback were not my strong suits. However, since I was looking for growth and development in my career, I accepted all the challenges wholeheartedly. As a result, I have gained more self-confidence, and I have become better at active listening. Conversations with my colleagues have helped me improve my communication skills. MCVO provided me with cross-training, which helped me learn about other facets of the company. Furthermore, it strengthened my knowledge and helped me step out of my comfort zone.

Overseeing the overall operations and ensuring the continuity of our client’s business is a challenging task. Managing a team is similar to parenting; one approach might not apply to all team members, so creativity is critical in formulating action plans. Fortunately, with proper guidance and mentoring, I managed to handle the challenges accordingly.

Building a career is challenging, especially when you are stuck in your everyday routine. No new skills to learn, and growth is limited. At MCVO, learning is continuous, and the management is proactively seeking growth and improvement for everyone so we can provide better service to our clients. That is what sets MCVO apart from other companies.

Stability in our careers does not mean we should remain stagnant in our current knowledge and skills. Engaging in continuous learning and being bold in stepping out of our comfort zone is essential, especially if our goal is to increase our value in the future.

So, to answer the question, “What made you decide to stay this long in this company?” It is because MCVO has provided me with the growth, development, and opportunities to challenge myself and improve my skills, both as an individual and a leader.



That’s it for this month’s MCVOLT-IN! We hope you enjoyed this edition, and we look forward to sharing more with you next month!

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