MCVO Talent Resources, one of the trusted Philippines outsourcing providers, compares these two options for employing offshore talent.

Freelancers Vs. Outsourcing Providers

Freelancers refer to self-employed individuals who take on projects and tasks on their own. They are usually found on freelancing portals and job boards such as Upwork, Fiverr, and, among others. In general, they transact with employers directly on their own. Most freelancers also work with multiple clients at a time.

Outsourcing providers in the Philippines, on the other hand, are companies that offer knowledge and business processing services to clients in foreign countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Some of the services they provide include customer service help desk, bookkeeping, accounting, digital marketing, website design, and more. To fulfill those services, the outsourcing company hires technical, creative, and administrative talent and employees. As they are registered companies in the Philippines, they are obliged to operate within the government-mandated rules and regulations.

Why You Should Work With an Outsourcing Provider

MCVO Talent Resources is an outsourcing company in the Philippines — of course, you’d expect us to vouch for working with an outsourcing provider. And yes, we do! However, we have reasons, most of which benefit you, the client. Here are the reasons why you are better off working with a business or knowledge process outsourcing provider.

1. You can expect reliability and accountability.

MCVO Talent Resources hires only the best talents. We carefully handpick the people who join our team after selecting from top candidates. This way, we can ensure quality work and output at all times. 

Furthermore, we have established company policies and rules that each of our staff follows. These policies were developed with the satisfaction of our clients in mind. 

Additionally, we invest in top-notch technology and systems, allowing us to perform tasks in the best way possible.

2. We manage the people so you won’t have to.

When you hire freelancers, you need to deal with them first-hand. You need to assign them projects and tasks. You have to monitor work hours and payments. 

On the contrary, when you work with a BPO outsourcing company, all you have to do, for the most part, is tell us the things you need to be done. We have account and project managers you can talk to. We also have our own human resource and payroll personnel to handle attendance and salary requirements.

3. You can get tasks done with top-notch quality for a fraction of the cost.

Hiring freelancers also saves you money. However, if you want guaranteed quality work, working with an outsourcing company is the way to go. As we pick the best talents from the pool and manage them, you won’t have to worry about the quality and quantity of output. What’s more, you won’t have to spend as you would if you hired a full-time employee in your country.

Not All Outsourcing Providers – Philippines Are the Same

Now, a word of caution. Not all outsourcing providers in the Philippines are the same. MCVO Talent Resources, for instance, doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. For us to provide the best outsourcing services possible, we thoroughly look at your needs and tailor a service package based on your needs. So, you are assured that you pay only for the talent and services you require.

To learn more, book a call now so we can talk about your most pressing business needs and what our team at MCVO Talent Resources can do for you!