Outsourcing Recruitment? Don’t Commit These Mistakes!

outsourcing recruitment, Outsourcing Recruitment? Don’t Commit These Mistakes!

Are you tired of seeing competent people come and go in your organization? Have you been dismayed over the performance of some employees, but failed to see this during the hiring process? Outsourcing recruitment can solve these, but if you do choose to outsource to recruit, these are probably the mistakes that the human resources outsourcing company will point out. 

outsourcing recruitment, Outsourcing Recruitment? Don’t Commit These Mistakes!

Mistake 1: Not fully explaining the role

Recruitment requirements come quickly and in bulk these days, but that’s no excuse to rush through the recruitment process without coming up with a clear job description and fully explaining the role during the interview process. It helps to categorize must-have skills and nice-to-have skills clearly. This also gives the candidate a clearer picture of his/her learning curve.

Mistake 2: Overlooking internal potential

Recruiters are missing out on a lot of talent if they don’t look inwards. Every company has a talent pool waiting to be tapped. Unless the management has a specific reason for recruiting outside the organization, internal recruitment should be on the table because this will most likely reduce the adjustment period and compatibility issues.

Mistake 3: Obsession with “culture fit” 

Success in recruitment is often tied to the selection of candidates with the right culture fit vis-a-vis the organization, but it doesn’t necessarily foster growth in an organization. “Culture add” is a practice where you look for someone different from the rest of your team to fill the gap in your culture. Diverse teams are smarter and perform more efficiently because they focus on facts, process these facts carefully, and challenge each other’s ideas. 

Mistake 4: Relying too much on CV

A person’s curriculum vitae (CV) is a list of a person’s credentials but it hardly reflects problem-solving chops, issues management, and other soft skills. These are just as important as technical skills if you are to hire employees that will stay and thrive in the company. 

Mistake 5: Relying too much on interview

When outsourcing recruitment, experts will tell you that even interviews are not enough to gauge if the person is right for the job. Maybe they just prepared well enough for the interview and know the right things to say. Some applicants don’t interview well but can do the job, just as there are applicants that impress during the interview but don’t have much to show when it comes to the actual job. 

Mistake 6: Not background checking

Addressing this mistake will also cover mistakes 3 and 4. Background checks and referrals can fill the gap of what can’t be found in the CV and interview. There is nothing better than an evaluation from a person who has worked with the applicant, especially if you are recruiting for mid to senior positions. 

Outsourcing Recruitment to MCVO Talent to Hire the Best of the Best 

Does addressing the mistakes above sound like work? It should because it is. Recruitment sounds simple but requires a lot of groundwork to be able to attract talents that will stay long in the organization. The recruitment and human resource professionals at MCVO Talent understand the painstaking work behind it and have successfully fulfilled this role for clients in the US, UK, Australia, and other English-speaking markets. When outsourcing recruitment to MCVO, you’ll realize that more than half the battle in your staffing has already been conquered. Give them a call to discuss your recruitment needs with them.

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