Outsourcing eCommerce Tasks: Why Consider It?

outsourcing ecommerce tasks, Outsourcing eCommerce Tasks: Why Consider It?

eCommerce has been steadily growing in the past few years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge in activity and sales. As many companies closed their brick and mortar stores to follow physical distancing protocols, taking their business online proved to be a logical move. Not only did it allow them to reach more customers, but it also paved the way for opportunities to save time, money, and resources. One of the ways that helped them maintain efficiency in all aspects is outsourcing ecommerce tasks, such as photo editing, website design and maintenance, bookkeeping and accounting, and data entry.

If you’re running an ecommerce business and haven’t ventured into outsourcing yet, today’s your lucky day. In this blog, a premier BPO company in the Philippines, MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services, shares why you should consider it for your business especially with the state of ecommerce nowadays.

outsourcing ecommerce tasks, Outsourcing eCommerce Tasks: Why Consider It?

The Benefits of Outsourcing Solutions for eCommerce

There are a number of ecommerce tasks you can outsource and all of them can help you cut costs and make your operations more efficient and competitive. To be specific, here are the benefits you can enjoy when you pursue outsource some of your ecommerce tasks.

Enhanced service and operation efficiency

When you work with an outsourcing partner, you get access to technical and administrative experts who already have the experience and skills necessary to perform ecommerce tasks. These outsourced staff can help you right away. You only need to get them accustomed to your own processes and they’ll be ready to work with you and your in-house team. With the help of your outsourced team, you can get things more done, faster. What’s more, you can hire more than one staff with the cost of hiring one local employee.

Reduced overhead costs

One of the biggest reasons why businesses outsource back-end processes is they want to save money. The same applies when you outsource for ecommerce. When you outsource to the Philippines, you can save up to 70% on labor and operation costs.

Scalability and flexibility

COVID-19 highlighted the need for businesses to adopt virtual solutions and digitalization quickly. For ecommerce businesses, this meant scaling up their operations as more customers turn to online shops. Fortunately, outsourcing can help you keep up with the demand quickly. Flexible solutions allow you to scale your operations up or down. For instance, you can begin by hiring one or two data entry operators to help you organize orders. Then, you can add accountants and bookkeepers to your team along the way. You can also hire offshore photo editors to make your product photos more attractive.

Outsourcing eCommerce Tasks is Easier With MCVO

One of our goals here at MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services is to provide custom and scalable outsourcing solutions to small and medium businesses in different industries. If you’re running an ecommerce company and would like to know how we can help you grow, let’s talk! Book a call today so we can discuss your requirements and let us come up with an outsourcing solution exclusively for you.

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