Outsourcing Data Entry to Address Challenges of Data-Driven Decision-Making

outsourcing data entry, Outsourcing Data Entry to Address Challenges of Data-Driven Decision-Making

In an era when data is gold, outsourcing data entry can seem like an illogical decision if you want to protect the gold. But with the huge work that comes with it, this outsourcing company in the Philippines begs to differ. 

The value of data-driven decision

Sound judgment is founded on a data-driven decision-making process. Knee-jerk decisions not validated by facts may lead to dire consequences that can be exacerbated by today’s turbulent business climate. 

And these can’t just be any facts. This has to be a set of high-quality data, as this will be crucial in spotting business opportunities, identifying friends, detecting pain points, developing strategies, and ultimately increasing profits and bringing value to customers. 

The concept of data-driven decision-making isn’t new, though the term has only become a buzzword in recent years. But in a bigger business environment where there are constantly moving parts, only quality data can explain unprecedented movements that can derail your plans. 

outsourcing data entry, Outsourcing Data Entry to Address Challenges of Data-Driven Decision-Making

A note on biased reading on data

Data doesn’t exist in a vacuum. When dealing with data, you need interdisciplinary perspectives to analyze this – marketing, economics, psychology, politics, and other perspectives depending on the decision you need to make and the landscape. 

Decision-makers in your organization might fall into several cognitive biases when processing data. The availability heuristic is one of them when the mind takes shortcuts under pressure. It may be convenient for the decision-maker to base their decisions on previous experiences not necessarily related to the data or decision. This is all too common under pressure. To address this, one might think of outsourcing data entry tasks to cut the work significantly. The decision-makers can deal directly with processed data and focus on strategic decisions. 

Promoting data-driven culture

Taking the first step to drive data-driven decisions is establishing a data-driven culture. You may mention data alongside technology but you’ll be surprised to learn that in the Data and AI Leadership Executive Survey 2022 conducted by NewVantage Partners, 9 out of 10 respondents pointed to organizational culture as an impediment to molding a data-driven organization. Technology represented a measly 8 percent. 

If the people handling the data don’t know the goal and are not aligned as to the handling, it would be difficult to maximize the value of the data. 

Outsourcing data entry – proper data collection is key 

In the same study, it was revealed that more than half of the responsibilities are shared only between the Chief Data/Analytics Officer and the Chief Information Officer. Outsourcing data entry to experts instead of maintaining an in-house team to take care of the rest of the responsibilities will ensure faster data entry and maintain the integrity of your data. MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services has veteran date entry teams that prioritize the accuracy of data above everything else. Contact MCVO to get in touch with outsourced virtual assistants. 

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