Outsourced Data Entry Mistakes You Should Never Commit

outsourced data entry, Outsourced Data Entry Mistakes You Should Never Commit

Data entry does not require specialized skills since it is a matter of entering data that is already available. The data entry specialist simply needs to have a keen eye for details, acceptable typing speed, and familiarity with online forms. While this may be a simple task that can be mastered with general training, the demand for accurate and timely data entry can be a challenge for inexperienced teams. Thus, outsourced data entry is the preferred solution to a task so important but tedious. 

A few months back, we talked about the common risks associated with data entry outsourcing and what you can do to avoid them. This time, let us talk about the common errors related to these risks. 

outsourced data entry, Outsourced Data Entry Mistakes You Should Never Commit

Outsourced Data Entry Mistakes to Avoid

Transcription Error

This is one of the most common outsourced data entry mistakes. These are usually typographical errors, repeated words, omitted words, misheard words and other related mistakes. Transcription mistakes happen when the transcriber rushes the work or crams too many projects in a short amount of time. 

Incorrect Data Format

All the energy invested in inputting accurate data goes to waste when data format issues arise. Perhaps the data entry analyst put it in the wrong field. It could be possible that unnecessary information was included in that field. Software errors can also lead to inaccurate data interpretation. 

Data Misinterpretation

Data is misinterpreted more often than we think, especially if the data entry analyst does the work hurriedly or has an insufficient context of the data on hand. A mistake as simple as misinterpreting small letter L (‘l) for capital letter i (‘I) can have a domino effect on a company’s operations and security. 

The Costs of Poor Data Handling 

The errors above are a result of poor data entry systems and ill-trained data entry analysts. As professionals, they should be trained in accuracy, speed, and consistency. 

The effects of poor data quality had already been measured even before. Forbes reported on a 2016 IBM study that revealed a USD 3.1T loss from the US economy annually due to low productivity and system errors, which are outcomes of poor data quality. 

Outsourced Data Entry for Unparalleled Accuracy in Record Time 

The dangerous thing about data errors is that they are small, oft-unnoticeable mistakes that pile up over time. The consequences blow up on your face before you realize it. Data management and data entry are integral to smooth-sailing operations, something that MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services understands. Our team of data entry professionals is rigorously trained before going onboard to service clients to ensure efficient, timely, and professional delivery of your database. Book a call now to try our professional outsourced data entry services. 

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