Growing Your Medical Practice: Outsource Bookkeeping and Other Tips

outsource bookkeeping, Growing Your Medical Practice: Outsource Bookkeeping and Other Tips

It’s no secret – industries power players get to where they are because they invest more when they invest in services outside their expertise. For small and medium businesses, these are usually finance and accounting functions. Physicians with their own medical practice are no exception to this, but you don’t only have to outsource bookkeeping as there are many other services. In an environment where demand for physicians is expected to grow, what else can you do to keep up and flourish?

Teamwork makes the dream work 

Running a one-man clinic is simply impossible. A successful clinic’s greatest asset is your staff. They will deal with logistics and schedules while you concentrate on providing medical service to your patients. Put a premium on hiring people who can not only do the job but also align their professional values with yours. 

Grow your staff – they’ll grow with you

Have you found your dream team? That’s good. Your next challenge is to make them stay. It’s important to create an atmosphere where employees don’t feel like they’re only as good as their present work. They will step up to the plate when they know they’re part of a bigger, long-term plan. Deserving employees will stay when they’re given opportunities to expand their skills. 

outsource bookkeeping, Growing Your Medical Practice: Outsource Bookkeeping and Other Tips

Articulate Your Value Proposition 

Selling your services without a strong value proposition will be an uphill battle in today’s healthcare market. Yes, even if healthcare is in demand these days. Services can’t be experienced instantly, unlike products. What patient service do you offer and how does it differ from your competitors’? Do you do more house calls than an average healthcare provider? Make sure your prospective patients understand that. 

Every patient, a VIP 

Seasoned outsourcing professionals who have dabbled in the healthcare industry know that satisfied patients are the bedrock of a thriving medical practice. Patients will have different health outcomes but at every stage of their condition, they should feel informed, important and secure. This should be manifested in timely response to queries, a variety of well-explained treatment options suited to their lifestyle, support in lifestyle adjustments – whatever practices will help them deal with their condition holistically. 

Create a Telehealth Component  

The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to unleash the possibilities of remote consultations. Although most people now opt face-to-face consultations, it’s best to keep a telehealth consultation line for patients who prefer the convenience that it offers. This is a good way to build your trust and rapport with patients, too. 

Streamline Responsibilities  

Who does what in your team? What are you good at doing? Do you drag your feet to work when you do certain tasks? It’s important to have full awareness of your strengths and weaknesses so you can capitalize on the former and delegate or outsource the latter. Most small clinics normally outsource bookkeepers, since medical professionals would rather entrust money matters to professionals instead of learning it themselves. 

Outsource Bookkeeping to Outgrow Limitations

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services, a business process outsourcing company in the Philippines, offers professional bookkeeping services, among other business functions. We support a wide range of solutions for growing clinics, small businesses, and other enterprises so that they can flourish in their core services. Book a call with MCVO’s American Co-Founder, Mark Zucker, to outsource bookkeeping and other business functions that will help managing and running your medical practice easier and more cost-efficient. 

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