MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)

MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)

Welcome to the 1st edition of MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News! This is a monthly column featuring editorials, updates, and other content from the MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services’ leadership team. This column aims to give our clients, employees, and followers a closer look at what happens in and out of the MCVO office, and what our leaders and teams are up to! Enjoy reading!



MCVO: My Second Home

By: Jackielou “JAMIE” Hernandez-Ibaoc | Team Leader -RazorMetrics |


To begin with, I had waited for roughly 7 months before I was finally hired by MCVO. Truth is, I had lost hope of getting even an initial interview. And then, unexpectedly, I received a call out of nowhere and even mistaken the person calling me as the Shopee delivery rider! Sorry about that. 😊 It was indeed a long wait but worth it. I got the job as a Healthcare Coordinator and started doing the training. Although things didn’t work out with my first client, our CEO, Ms. Cherry, was very supportive and did her best to get [a new client] and transferred us [me and my teammates] to a new one.

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)
Jamie (left), Razor-Metrics Team Lead With Kezia (right), Virtual Assistant Team Lead

My experience was superb. It was like a joyride to success. Why? Because all my hard work and efforts had not been in vain. The management appreciated all the things I had been doing for the team and within a short time, they offered me the Team Leader post. I was surprised, of course, and at the same time, overwhelmed. I had mixed emotions. I felt like it happened so fast. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it at all. I didn’t say “Yes” right away because I had to weigh the pros and cons if I accept the offer. But I got a lot of encouragement from other Leads and it was a go-signal for me to take the challenge.

It’s not always easy to be a Team Leader, as you need to have people skills to be effective and learn how to communicate well with your agents (teammates), management, and your client. As a Leader, you must be ready to take any challenges and criticism. But I don’t take it personally because I know they only meant what is best for me and that I can always have room for improvement. I take this a step toward progress, and I am always open to new learning. I must say I am grateful for all the opportunities that MCVO had given me and for believing in my skills.

With all the great things that happened to me from the day I started with MCVO to this day, I became a more mature person and learned a lot of things that will help me to accomplish my responsibilities as a Team Leader.

I am proud to say that MCVO will always be a big part of my life. I’m truly blessed indeed! So what more can I ask for? 😊


, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)



Q&A With J-Anne Periodica: Her Experience Preparing for Classroom Cafe’s “A Beginner’s Guide to Video Editing Using Adobe Premiere Pro” Course

Featuring: J-Anne Periodica | Video Editing Supervisor |


Classroom Cafe is MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services’ training arm that gives a path to those who want to be trained in selected fields. On July 29, 2023, J-Anne, alongside Marlo and Neri, MCVO’s senior video editors, facilitated the “A Beginner’s Guide to Video Editing Using Adobe Premiere Pro” online course.

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)

Q: What did you feel when Ms. C asked/told you to facilitate this course?

J-Anne: At first, when Ms. C or the management asked me to facilitate, I actually rejected it initially because I wanted to focus on improving my team before teaching others. However, after completing the training with the help of the senior video editors and seeing its effectiveness, I considered that it might be time to step up.

Q: What steps did you take when preparing for it?

J-Anne: Neri, Marlo, and I researched basic video editing and trivia related to video editing to ensure that the audience could better learn and understand the concepts.

Q: Did you encounter some challenges/issues during preparation? How did you overcome it?

J-Anne: Initially, we were uncertain about how to approach teaching the “basics” of video editing. Since it was our first time doing this, we felt very nervous and unsure about the outcome. However, witnessing the positive impact of the training we conducted with our editors encouraged us to take on the class facilitation.

Q: Are you excited about the upcoming training?

J-Anne: As of now (July 25), I’m still feeling a bit nervous about it.


As of this writing, the Basic Video Editing Course has been concluded and was a major success!

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)



Face-to-Face and Virtual Team Gatherings

Contributions: Allen “Allen” Villaflor | Photo Editing Manager |, and Julius G. Rebusa | Medical Services Team Lead |


The COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for the wider adoption of remote and hybrid work. While this has allowed companies to reach a wider pool of talents and helped ensure that our employees are able to work from home safely and conveniently, it also meant that our teams don’t always meet and work together face-to-face. But here at MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services, Leaders are given the opportunity to gather their teams around for quarterly gatherings — whether face-to-face or virtual!

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)
PDP Photo Editing Team

“Work hard, lunch harder! When officemates become food-mates, taking a break from the spreadsheet for some sizzling grilling is one of the best ways to kickstart our day!”

– Allen Villaflor, Photo Editing Manager

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)
MCVO’s Photo Editing Team With the Photo Editing Manager, Allen

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)


Medical Services Department | Virtual Team Breakfast

From Julius Rebusa, Medical Services Team Lead:

“We wanted to share with you the details of our recently concluded Virtual Team Lunch for the Medical Services Department. Firstly, we would like to extend our gratitude to MCVO for providing us with the budget to make this event possible.

We allocated the budget to all team members, including those who were unable to join, to ensure that everyone could participate in the Virtual Team Lunch. The following team members were present during the event:

  • Nerissa
  • Sir Ralph
  • Joy
  • Knights
  • Joan
  • Jamie
  • Flor
  • Ryan

It was a wonderful gathering, but unfortunately, some of our team members couldn’t join due to various reasons:

  • Destinee had urgent tasks that needed to be done, so she was unable to attend.
  • Hazel had a meeting with Lynn, which clashed with the lunch schedule.
  • Cha is currently confined in the hospital due to gastroenteritis, so she couldn’t participate.
  • Ghed’s internet hasn’t been restored yet, causing connectivity issues and preventing her from joining.

We missed having them with us, but we understand that circumstances can sometimes get in the way. We hope they are doing well and will be able to join us for future events.

Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to more team activities in the future!”

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)
Medical Services Team Virtual Breakfast, With Team Lead Julius

, MCVOLT-IN: MCVO Leadership Team Insights & News (July 2023)



That’s it for this month’s MCVOLT-IN! We hope you enjoyed this edition, and we look forward to sharing more with you next month!

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