How to Choose an Outsourced Virtual Assistant

outsourced virtual assistant, How to Choose an Outsourced Virtual Assistant

There is no shortage of information on the benefits of tapping an outsourced virtual assistant to lighten your workload in a cost-efficient manner. Hiring the right one is another story. Here are some basic checkpoints of the hiring journey you should consider when choosing your next virtual assistant: 

Determine what you need to outsource

Having a list of responsibilities for your future virtual assistant will facilitate smooth working, which will be the foundation for a good working relationship. It will vary from industry to industry, but the general rule is to outsource any task that takes away time from high-level strategizing. These include the preparation of online presentations, online research, and coordination

Identify the skills you need from the virtual assistant

Your inventory doesn’t end at the task listing because you need to match the tasks with the skills needed to accomplish them. This is for your benefit and for your future virtual assistant. The clearer your asks are, the more efficient the hunt for your ideal virtual assistant will be. In general, virtual assistants should be reliable, resourceful, and with pleasant personality. The hard skills will depend on the specific tasks. 

outsourced virtual assistant, How to Choose an Outsourced Virtual Assistant

Advertise your post strategically 

You want to attract top talent, so where you put out your job posts matter. You can also tap the services of outsourcing companies like MCVO talent because they already have a pool of trained virtual assistants that you can choose from according to your needs. 

Ask the right questions during the interview

During interviews, you and the applicant may already be familiar with the usual questions – greatest strengths and weaknesses, 5- year plan, why they think they deserve the job, how they handled difficult situations, etc. These are great questions but you can get more out of an interview if you frame them using the STAR method – Situation, Task, Action, Response. This will encourage your interviewee to bring more details to the table and give you a better gauge of their fit for the job. 

Establish performance indicators and ways of working

The work doesn’t stop once you choose the perfect outsourced virtual assistant. Proper onboarding will empower your new assistant to perform well and fulfill your expectations. Agree on performance targets and modes of communication to keep the working relationship running smooth. 

Get your outsourced virtual assistant from a reputable source

Hiring an outsourced virtual assistant is a lot of work. But you can save time if you entrust the recruitment and management of your virtual assistant to outsourcing companies in the Philippines like MCVO Talent, which has had years of providing top talent to companies from various industries. Give them a call now to discuss your requirements for your virtual assistant. 

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