Building Your Digital Culture by Outsourcing to Remote Staff

outsourcing to remote staff, Building Your Digital Culture by Outsourcing to Remote Staff

After the pandemic shook the world, remote working won’t be eliminated from our professional vocabulary anytime soon. It will only become more ingrained in our working culture in the coming years. Technology is the backbone of remote work. Organizations can only embrace technological advancements if they shape a solid digital culture among their members. Outsourcing to remote staff is just one of the many strategies organizations adopt to strengthen their digital culture. 

Digital culture goes by differently worded definitions, but it’s essentially the collective appreciation of the role of technology in furthering the organization’s mission. An organization with a sustainable digital culture can stay competitive, keep up with uncertainty, and go the extra mile for its shareholders. A firmly-established digital culture is a prerequisite to a successful digital transformation. 

outsourcing to remote staff, Building Your Digital Culture by Outsourcing to Remote Staff

What Does Digital Culture Look Like?

Let’s have a better idea of what digital culture looks like, inspired by the four pillars of digital culture as described by the World Economic Forum. 


Collaboration allows the free flow of ideas and information among teams and leads to the co-creation of innovative solutions. 


Digital culture must be based on data-driven behaviors. Decision-making guided by data leads to the creation of a digital culture that brings value. 


Embracing digital shouldn’t just increase your team’s productivity. It should also provide a positive customer experience as well. This should be a performance indicator in evaluating an organization’s digital culture. 


Digital is never static. The technology you use now can rapidly evolve. The appetite and stamina to take risks and adapt to new innovations are indicators of a healthy digital culture. 

Digital culture looks different across organizations but these four pillars are common traits of organizations with a purposeful and sustainable digital culture. 

Enabling Digital Culture: Where to Begin

Building a digital culture doesn’t happen overnight because it starts at the individual level – in the behavior and mindset of each member of the organization. It will definitely not be a linear process because it may involve unlearning some habits that run counter to digital culture. But it is possible by creating an enabling environment: 

Secure buy-in from senior management

Top management must appreciate the role of digital in setting up the company for success so that the strategic direction can accommodate policies that promote sustainable digital culture. Senior management’s will to incentivize actions that create a digital mindset will help the members of the organization adopt desired behavior. 

Encourage collaboration

We’ve already established collaboration as a pillar of digital culture. But coming from the first tip on senior management buy-in, it must be emphasized that collaboration needs to start from the top. Collaboration makes it easier to share information and keep everyone aligned in the behaviors and processes. Feedback during collaboration will also determine if the digital ecosystem is helping achieve business objectives. 

Seek help 

Because digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight, outsourcing to remote staff some digital support tasks can help your core team adjust to a sustainable digital culture at a realistic pace. 

How Outsourcing to Remote Staff Helps Build a Digital Culture

Every individual has a different learning curve for using digital tools. Remote IT help desks can support your core teams through technical support. Outsourcing to remote staff for other support tasks can also give your core teams the mental space to embrace their new digital culture. MCVO Talent is an established BPO company in the Philippines that caters to English-speaking markets globally. It maintains a roster of veteran remote support teams with varying years of experience. Book a call with our Co-Founder now if you want to tap support and jumpstart your digital transformation!

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