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Branding was once considered non-essential. But that isn’t the case anymore in this highly interconnected world fueled by relationships and trust. Good branding attracts new customers and strengthens loyalty and trust with existing ones. Another thing to note is that branding isn’t a dynamic exercise. Consumer demands change, so the brand must evolve with the needs of its target audience. Brands must undergo a refresh as often as needed. You can outsource digital marketing for your brand refresh to get a different perspective that resonates with the new needs of your consumers.

How often should you do a brand refresh?

A brand refresh is simply a pivot or adjustment to your messaging and visuals. This shouldn’t be confused with rebranding, which completely overhauls your brand’s identity.


There are three main factors to watch out for in determining when it’s time to undergo a brand refresh. We have already mentioned the audience in the first one. When your audience has new needs or when you have a new target audience, your messages and visuals should be tweaked to reach them. If you want to open your brand that is commonly known in the 18-24 age segment to the below 18 group, you ought to introduce filters, lenses, and stickers of your visuals that are optimized for TikTok.


Another factor to look out for is if your competition starts embracing changes in marketing. You don’t need to adapt what your competitors adapt, but this could be the time to start reflecting if their branding strategy opens opportunities you can exploit if you do a brand refresh.

Industry Standards

Finally, a brand refresh is in order when there are new industry standards that you must keep up with. Slate, an online daily magazine that covers current affairs, politics, and culture in the United States, has always been considered a “pioneer of online journalism.” Though it enjoyed this status, it revamped its logo to reflect the complex nature of online journalism.  

There are no distinct boundaries that delineate one from another – new audience needs can influence industry standards. Industry standards dictate competitive decisions. If you outsource digital marketing, you have a sober external perspective on the need for a brand refresh.

Outsource digital marketing for a timely brand refresh

A brand refresh doesn’t have to be drastic. There is a broad spectrum for a refresh, and you can select just a few elements that need one. Most of MCVO Talent’s clients across the globe have their websites designed and redesigned from time to time to optimize their SEO and reach more customers online. Websites are also updated to keep up with the latest mobile browsing formats. A simple website refresh goes a long way in resonating with your customers. You can also count on a special projects virtual assistant to conduct market research to determine when it’s time for a brand refresh. Book a call with MCVO if you’re ready to outsource digital marketing and give your brand a facelift.

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