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Key Metrics for Your Outsourced Customer Service Agents This 2023

outsourced customer service, Key Metrics for Your Outsourced Customer Service Agents This 2023

Think of your customer service metrics as the vital signs of your organization’s health. Customers are the heart of your organization, and customer service quality is the blood that pumps it to life. Therefore, you need to closely monitor your outsourced customer service agents’ performance to see where you are in terms of providing the best customer experience. 

Setting up key performance indicators will keep everyone on the same page. But in the sea of many customer service metrics, it can be overwhelming to choose the ones that suit your company. Worse, you might end up choosing too many metrics that will leave your agents directionless and tired. 

In today’s blog, leading American-owned BPO company in the Philippines, MCVO Talent, shares the outsourced customer service metrics you want to watch out for. These carefully-selected metrics are great to start with if you are just setting up your monitoring system. They are based on volume, speed, and quality of customer service. 

Volume-Based Metric

Total Tickets Solved 

This foundational metric will give you a general picture of the number of customers your agents have to cater to. Total tickets solved may be calculated per week, month, quarter, or however you need to configure it. What is important is you can identify how efficient and productive your team is. 

Over time, it will come in handy in tracking trends. Are there peak weeks or months? Monitoring this metric can help your agents prepare for these cycles. 

Performance or Quality-Based Metric

Customer Satisfaction Score

The Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) determines how satisfied your customers are with the support your outsourced customer service agents provide. This is determined by the surveys customers answer at the end of the call or email support. 

To determine customer satisfaction, you need to determine a range of values that indicate satisfaction. Say, for example, a rating of 7-10 will be categorized as satisfied, while ratings ranging from 4-6 can be somewhat satisfied. Take the number of customers per category and divide that by the total number of customers. Multiply by 100, and then you have your CSAT. This will inform you how you can improve your customer service

Negative Response Rate 

Sure, total tickets solved is a good basic indicator, but you also have to check how many of these ended on a satisfactory note for your customers. Your Negative Response Rate (NRR) will tell you how many customers are unhappy with your responses. If your CSAT is 70%, your NRR is 30%. 

Needless to say, this indicator goes hand-in-hand with CSAT. According to a study by Zendesk, 80% of customers transfer to a competitor following a bad customer experience. A persistently increasing NRR should be a sign to align with your outsourced customer service agents on how they should handle dissatisfied customers. 

Time-Based Metric

Average Reply Time 

The Average Reply Time covers when a customer submits an inquiry from when an agent initially responds to the query. The general rule of customer service is the longer a customer waits, the more likely that customer will walk away unhappy. 

There is no standard time to resolve a customer problem because that depends on the product or service (more on that in the last indicator). However, it is important to provide an initial agent respond to assure the customer that the problem is being addressed. 

Average Resolution Time

As mentioned earlier, there is no standard time across the board because this will depend on the complexity of the problem. But it helps to group all problems and observe their average resolution time to determine if agents are consistent with their efficiency or if there is room for improvement. 

Help your outsourced customer service agents help you

A business process outsourcing company in the Philippines is highly familiar with these metrics. Should you decide to contract their services, their agents will comfortably work with these metrics as standards for their performance. This mindset will surely foster a good working relationship, on top of their keen understanding of US, UK, and Australian markets. Give MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services a call to know more. Through extensive training, we will learn your products, processes, and policies and will professionally and effectively represent your brand.

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