MCVO Opening

Photo Editor – TWA

Overview of Business:

Tim is the President and Founder of TWA, a high quality / high volume wedding photography company with several locations in Chicago plus a presence in Houston, TX.    They focus exclusively on weddings and cater to a white-collar clientele that values quality and service.

Tim started the business 30+ years ago and is the highest volume wedding photography company servicing Chicago with 700+ weddings annually.   They built their reputation by providing good quality photography, supported by industry best customer service.    They have a beautiful main office that includes several private presentation rooms + satellite locations throughout Chicago – however, since the pandemic their team is working remotely.

In 2020, they expanded into Houston, TX and started shooting weddings in 2021.  There is no physical presence in Houston, as all operations are run from Chicago (or remotely).   

Covid changed the business model as Tim is reinventing the company with a smaller physical footprint and less office workers on site.    TWA has a staff of 3-4 at MCVO helping with Post-Production (editing photos, retouching, designing albums etc.).  In September, 2021 they hired 1 Virtual Assistants from MCVO to assist with Scheduling Photographers/Videographers, and another VA to assist with supporting brides throughout the lifecycle which includes:  from the time they sign a contract until their wedding is album delivered.

Tim’s primary focus is on Marketing & Sales.  He knows the industry very well and is well versed in digital marketing which is a contributor to their ability to attract 700+ new brides (and grooms) each year.  Libby runs Operations, is a great “people person”, and has been with the company since 2010

Photo Editor / Post Production

Because of their high volume, they are looking for “athletic” talents that can handle many jobs (Culling, Photo Editing, Retouching, Designing Albums, Ordering products etc.).   If you’re not familiar with Designing Albums, you will be trained.

TWA is a very well-managed company, that has grown every year (except in 2020 due to Covid).   The New Business Coordinator will learn a lot about many things including how US businesses operate.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Involved with all or most of the following tasks:
    • Delivering edited photo files to client
    • Special editing and other digital enhancements
    • Album Design
    • Ordering products (albums, wall art etc.)
    • Sending files to vendors (enhancement, digital work, canvas, vendor request, etc.)
    • Assisting Production Manager
  • Meet performance-based metrics for this position as set by CEO

Key Qualifications include the following.

  • Stable internet with fast upload/download speeds – at least 100 mbps and above for both upload/download
  • Enough computer space to handle big file sizes – at least 1-2TB free storage
  • Must have (2) calibrated IPS Monitor
  • The ability to communicate effectively with the TWA staff
  • Independent thinker who can take responsibility for the tasks given and be able to prioritize the workload on a daily basis
  • Demonstrate a positive, “can-do” attitude
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Intermediate Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop
  • Flexible with the schedule – Open for possible morning/mid/night shift. 
  • Team player – can collaborate with team members.