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Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

● Responsible for co-managing the Human Resources Department and assisting with all personnel issues.
● Responsible for the recruitment and selection of employees based on applicants’ credentials and qualifications
including training and licensure.
● Uses a consistent and non-discriminating process to select employees as follows:
o Conducts personal interviews on all applicants at the time of recruitment and selection.
o Obtains two written or verbal follow-up of employment references and job history.
o Verifies education, experience, training, licensure or certification, as appropriate to job responsibilities.
o Selects and employs qualified individuals without regard to gender, race, age, creed, handicap, sexual
orientation, or national origin.

● Coordinates an orientation program for all new employees, including an introduction to the organization, staff
and employee rules and responsibilities.
● Ensures that all employees receive ongoing education, including in-services, training and other activities to
maintain and improve staff competence.
● Ensures that all employees meet their required mandatory training, keeps records of in-services and files
employee's certificate of attendance in the employee personnel folder.
● Ensures that all employees are meeting the performance expectations stated in his/her job descriptions by
collaborating with the supervisor.
● Ensures that all employees are in compliance with the mandatory requirements for employment.
● Responsible for other miscellaneous duties including the following:
o Maintains strict professional ethics, confidentiality and privacy of the client and/or family members.
o Participates in personnel policies revisions, when requested.
o Assumes responsibility for own personal and professional growth.
● May be requested by the Agency Manager to attend outside meetings and/or conferences.

Key Qualifications include the following:

● Prefer to have a college degree.
● At least one year of experience in interviewing and recruitment is required.
● Strong leadership and excellent interpersonal relationship abilities are essential.